Review: Deadpool Team-Up #886

Published on December 31st, 2010

I know I reviewed a Deadpool book last week, but with all the Deadpool books there are I can review as many as I want. This week I want to review Deadpool Team-Up #886. As I said when Deadpool teamed up with The Machine Man this is a hit or miss book, and I definitely thought that this issue was a hit.  This month Deadpool teams up with Iron Fist to take down Gin Goh, some immortal Kung Fu guy.

deadpool886The book starts with Deadpool cornered on the cliff of a mountain by an army of ninjas. He’s out of ammo, but when they call him Spider-Man Deadpool gets mad and pulls out the swords. Problem is even though Deadpool is an extremely skilled and annoying fighter there’s tons of these guys and he ends up at the mercy of his enemies. Then Iron Fist shows up out of nowhere and starts kicking heads in. What’s cool about this is that instead of every other issue where Deadpool starts out with his team-ups at odds with his soon to be ally, Iron Fist comes to Deadpool’s rescue and then begrudgingly decides to works with him after giving some much needed background on the guy Deadpool’s been hired to kill. It’s like skipping the origin story in a Spider-Man movie and moving on to the good stuff.

So Deadpool literally jumps (falls) through the roof of the bad guy’s headquarters and goes in for the attack. Iron Fist tries to stop Deadpool and warn him about Goh’s mystical sword that can kill anyone with one strike, but Deadpool doesn’t listen and gets sliced through the chest. Iron Fist steps in to avenge Deadpool, but Deadpool’s healing factor is able to keep him from dying, he’s still bleeding all over the place, but he ain’t dead yet. Then the guys that hired Deadpool burst in, apparently they only hired Deadpool to find Goh so they could kill him themselves. I guess they got some family vendetta with the guy that’s hundreds of years old. So Iron Fist tries to stall these guys while Deadpool fights Goh, and he does pretty well until Goh’s sword goes into Deadpool’s shoulder and comes out his waist. Our boy, Wade still manages to get up and gets right into Goh’s face. Goh then shoves his sword through Deadpool’s chest, does this take him out? Hell no! Deadpool gives Goh a nasty blow to the head which gives Iron Fist the chance to use his iron fist on Goh which puts him down so Iron Fist can imprison him with magic and stuff. Deadpool gives his bosses some much needed advice and then leaves the temple while trying to hold his arm in place.

Usually the Deadpool Team-Up books are only good for some cheap, but entertaining laughs, but I really thought this issue stood out as a good story. Yeah it was funny, Deadpool had his always great jokes, and even Iron Fist got a few good one-liners in, but I actually felt kind of sad by the end of this issue. At the end Iron Fist tries to get the guys that hired Deadpool off of revenge, but it’s Deadpool that’s able to convince the guy that revenge and killing just leave you a bloody and hollow mess. Deadpool even ended up getting paid, but seeing him walk away into the snow is just really sad. It’s one of those rare moments when Deadpool realizes how much he hates himself, and it leaves him and the reader a little depressed. I was really impressed with the writing in this book. The art was pretty decent too, it’s not the kind of penciling that would blow me away, but the guy is able to make Iron Fist look like a total bad-ass.

Ken Zeider