Review: Deadpool #30

Published on December 27th, 2010

With HBO’s True Blood and the Twilight movie/book series vampires are more popular than ever! They’re also horribly played out and lame in general. So who better to jump on the vampire bandwagon than Deadpool? The X-Men maybe? That’s right X-Men has yet another ongoing series and that book’s debut storyline, Curse of the Mutants, involves the X-Men having their own private war with vampires after Dracula’s son killed Dracula and gone on to unite all the vampire sects to create the ultimate vampire army. Fortunately for us Deadpool’s been brought into this vampire war and it’s now starting to get interesting.

deadpool30The issue starts with Deadpool drooling away in dreamland when he’s visited by a group of Draculas. The vampire head tries to explain to Deadpool that not all vampires are named “Dracula,” but Deadpool will hear nothing of it, and jumps out of bed blasting away all the Draculas. While trying to get his pants on, the vampires get up and explain they are not there to attack, but to hire Deadpool to protect them during the day from the other vampires who have amulets to protect  themselves from the Sun’s rays. Apparently these vampires aren’t interested in joining the grand vampire army, and are being hunted for it.

At first Deadpool wants no part of it, cuz as far he’s concerned he’s a hero and heroes don’t help bloodsucking Draculas. Then Deadpool finds out that these vampires own a Hospital that never turns away a patient that can’t pay, and they donate 30% of their profits to charities. So Deadpool decides to take the job because the other vampires are super evil so he can take some time to blow them away.

The next day a bunch of vampires wrapped up like mummies show up and start attacking people, so Deadpool jumps in and starts slicing up the vampires and blowing them away with silver bullets. Deadpool also rescues a sexy lady doctor who he now takes as his love interest for this storyline. Deadpool takes out a few more vampires and then heads to the security room where there’s a whole other group of Draculas waiting for him with hostages.

So Deadpool is still going through his journey to become a hero, but I don’t trust these vampires. I really hope that after all is said and done Deadpool takes out all the Draculas including the ones that hired him. I’ve been reading Curse of the Mutants which really didn’t do that much for me, but seeing Deadpool fight vampires was really funny, and it’s only a two issue story so at least it’s not going to be some drawn out snore-fest. I’m not crazy about the art in this book, but it’s got its moments, the first splash page with Deadpool in his underpants after blowing away the vampires is pretty good. Once again Daniel Way has written a great Deadpool book, and even after 30 issues I still think this book is great.

Ken Zeider