POW:December 15th 2010 Uncanny X-Force #3

Published on December 22nd, 2010

Hey Comic Impact it’s the Pick of The Week for  December the 15th 2010! X-mas is almost upon us. Can you feel it breathing down your neck? The hot steam from it’s nostrils surrounding you in fear until it slowly paralyzes you? No? Oh I guess that is just Simon sneaking in your room at night then. Speaking of Simon you should join him as well as Sheldon and Ken as they review books for episode 178 of the P.O.W! There is plenty of Christmas shenanigans going on in this episode…for instance did you know that our very own Simon went to Russia to wrestle a bear…just to prove a point and almost broke his arm!!*

* Some of Simon’s claims may not actually be true.

They also talk about a few books. What books you may ask? Well first they hit you square in the jaw with Uncanny X-Force (That’s the pick) as well as Batman & Robin,Black Panther,Amazing Spiderman,Wolverine,Captain America Man out of Time and several others!! I guess however you will just have to listen in to find out the other books….oh  I went there. Also while I have your attention I want to ask if you have found Jesu…oh wait wrong article! I actually wanted to ask if you have voted on our Cosplay Girl of The Year yet?No then go over to the site, pour your favorite alcoholic beverage (or non alcoholic for you Ken), stoke the yule log and vote for your favorite Cosplay Girl!! This episode is truly a Christmas miracle!!!


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