Review: Superboy #1

Published on November 9th, 2010

Last week was a great week in comics  for me. One of my favorite writers in Comics, Jeff Lemire, had two books out, Sweet Tooth and Superboy number 1 also second feature  story in Adventure Comics #520 .When I talked to Lemire back at Comic Con in July he told me that he was going to keep  Superboy aka Conner Kent in Smallville and that Smallville would play a big part in the story line.


WOW, was he not joking around. The book opens with a young boy who you think is Superboy playing in the the cornfields of Smallville.  You’re lead to think that young boy is Conner having a flashback but it’s not, he is just doing the narration. Conner and Krypto are enjoying nice day when The Phantom Stranger shows up. He tells Conner that ” something sinister” is coming. Conner flew back home to help Ma Kent but she is safe. We then see Parasite is going after the young kid we saw in the first few pages as his first victim.

Something that I love is a Superhero in high school. I love when you see a hero at there job or in school. We see Conner trying not to have a crush on Lori Luthor since Conner is a clone of Lex and Superman,for more on that, check out wikipedia.  As Conner is walking around Smallville one of his friends named Simon (love that name) comes up to him tell him he knows that he is Superboy and Conner gives him the run around trying to convince him he isn’t Superboy. At the same this is going on Parasite comes back for a fight that takes us to the very last page of the book. I don’t want to spoil the end of the book for you but this was a great number 1.

I can’t wait to see what Lemire is going to do with this book. Not only was this a great jumping on point it was what this book needed, a young author who enjoys the DC Universe and wants to have a good time with this character.

Before I go, how sexy is that cover by Rafael Albuquerque? Do yourself a  favor next time you’re at the Comic book shop, pick up Lemire’s Superboy. I am more then happy to put this book on my pull list. If you like this book make sure to read Lemire’s Sweet Tooth, it is one of the best comics around.

Simon Daoudi