Review: Captain America Man Out of Time #1

Published on November 5th, 2010

There sure are a lot of books featuring Captain America lately. I wonder if it has something to do with that movie coming out next year? Nah. I can’t seem to help myself, every time I see a Captain America book on the shelf I have this urge to buy it. It’s a good thing I have very little self control, otherwise I’d be missing out on some pretty cool comics. Everything from Captain America: Patriot to Captain America: Forever Allies has been a good read and Captain America: Man Out of Time is no exception.


This book starts with Cap and Bucky under cover as regular soldiers during WWII enjoying some down time with the other soldiers. After an incident where Steve claims that Captain America is no different from any other soldier we find out Bucky and Cap are being shipped out to London to guard an experimental plane. When they get there the plane is immediately stolen, Cap and Bucky jump on the plane to retrieve it, but Steve falls off the plane and can only watch as it is blown up with Bucky still on it.

Cut to the present where Steve wakes up on a submarine surrounded by the original Avengers. Steve freaks out and starts fighting, but The Wasp is able to calm him down. The book is then narrated by a report Captain America is making to a General, it’s kind of funny because Steve can only describe The Avengers as circus freaks. He describes Iron Man as a robot, and Thor as “The Strong Man.” When Cap exits the sub he’s astonished to see how far he’s gone into the future. But even having to deal with the shock of his situation when Cap hears a woman scream he jumps into action to save her. Cap goes into an alley and sees what he describes as “kids” with guns attacking a woman he’s shocked for a moment, but then knocks the crap out of them. He then tries to help the girl to her feet, but she becomes scared of Captain America, picks up a gun, and shoots him the chest. She runs away leaving Steve to bleed in the alley.

Obviously this comic is different from the normal Marvel continuity which gives the writer the freedom to create a different take on the history of Captain America. Overall I thought this book was pretty cool, I love the opening stuff with Steve and Bucky just talking about what they’re gonna do after the war. Steve is completely unsure of himself, but Bucky goes on saying Steve will be the first man to break the sound barrier and the first man on the moon. The ending was pretty shocking too, I’m really interested to see where they go with this book and see how he reacts to being shot by a girl that he saved. My only complaint is that I think they should have updated The Avengers, it’s too weird to see them in their 1960’s costumes in current times.

I definitely think this is going to be a fun book that will be a great Trade to have on the bookshelf. And I really liked the timing of them putting the first issue of this series out on the same day they aired the Captain America introduction episode of the new Avengers cartoon show.

Ken Zeider