POW:November 10th 2010 Amazing Spider-Man #648

Published on November 18th, 2010

Happy Wednesday friends of Comic Impact!  oh wait it is Thursday but we got a special treat for you this week, something I know you would never expect on a Thursday. It’s the end of Brand New Day, so we got a Brand New Pick of the Week Podcast for you to commemorate the occasion!

This week Ken had the honor of choosing the Pick and he went decided that it could only go to one comic book, that book being Amazing Spider-Man #648. Spider-Man has hit the Big Time and we spent far too much time on the subject! Ken is joined by his old pal Ian, and of course the guy that never misses a Podcast (I refuse to believe otherwise) Simon! Sadly Sheldon didn’t make it this week due to technical difficulties, but don’t you fret because it’s a glorious Podcast also including: Chew #15, Ant-Man & Wasp #1, Avengers The Children’s Crusade #3, New Avengers #6, Red Robin #17, and a brief look at Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #6 of 6.

So go on friends and enjoy this week’s POW Podcast!

Ken Zeider


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