Collecting: DC Dynamics Superman

Published on November 20th, 2010

What’s that you say?  You want more of the DC Dynamics statues?  What, Green Lantern and Batman weren’t enough for you?  Well, fine!  Here comes another!

This week we’re taking a good, hard look at DC Dynamics’ Superman statue.  Designed and sculpted by Tim Bruckner, this statue is 11.75 high x 6 wide x 5 deep.  Like all DC Dynamics, it is hand painted, cold cast porcelain.  Each statue features the character’s bust with their lower half being obscured by a semi-transparent, plastic type material that serves as the character’s interaction with their environment.

Like the other DC Dynamics, this statue is very detailed.  Every muscle on Superman’s body is clearly pronounced, but it feels a bit overdone.  His musculature looks really bulky and cumbersome.  The left hand is also open and outstretched which is nice instead of both hand being balled up into fists.  Hands and fingers are very difficult to do and very easy to mess up so it’s nice to see that they went the extra mile with the hand.  Superman’s pose is meant to make him look like he’s taking off, flying upwards through the sky.

The paint is very good as well.  Superman’s lower half is obscured in streaks of red with a little bit of yellow, to create a blur due to his intense speed.  The skin tones are very natural and they use a gold color for the buckle on his belt which I thought was an interesting touch.  Unfortunately, like DC Dynamics’ Green Lantern, they use a glossy color for Superman’s lips that make him look like he’s wearing lip gloss.


Overall, this is a solid statue, but not quite as good as DC Dynamics’ Green Lantern.  The one downside to all of the DC Dynamics’ is their hefty price tag.  DC Direct is selling this statue for $195 but Amazon has it for $159 and Urban Collector is offering it for $147.  For comparison, Bowen Designs‘ X-Force Wolverine statue, which is a full body statue that stands over 12″ tall, is only listed at $160 on their website (and is also sold out) and Urban Collector has it for $135 (available in February).

Ian Candish