Review: X-23 #2

Published on October 22nd, 2010

So far I’ve been kind of disappointed with Daken’s new series, but X-23’s new ongoing series has been a pleasant surprise for me. Now don’t get me wrong I like Daken, he’s a cool character, but his first two issues were kind of slow, but I’m sure that series will pick up soon. X-23 on the other hand is a series that peaked my interest almost immediately, and even though this wasn’t the most action-packed comic I’ve read I still found it to be an entertaining read.


This issue starts with a flashback of Laura and Logan at a carnival partaking in games and rides, and right before taking off on a roller coaster Logan offers to adopt Laura as his daughter. The book then cuts to the present at a halfway house for mutants who lost their powers that X-23 was volunteering at. Also it’s on fire. X-23 is trying to rescue someone when the demon that’s been haunting her recent dreams appears. He tries to convince her not to rescue the the man and then tells her she’s a perfect killer. The demon disappears and Laura goes for the man, but when she gets to him he starts screaming in fear at the sight of her. Outside of the building Laura tries to get a hold of herself when she is greeted by Gambit who gives her some comforting words and his jacket.

The book then shifts to Utopia where X-23 is being comforted by Storm, Cyclops then enters the room and X-23 gets a demonic vision of the both of them. The two leave and then Wolverine enters the room, Laura immediately figures out that it’s only Wolverine’s body that is being possessed by the same Demon she met earlier. The two get into a bit of a scuffle when X-23 stabs him in the chest, then Hellion walks in on the two of them. Hellion thinking that Laura is out of her mind uses his telekinesis to subdue her. She tries to explain to him what’s going on when the demonic Wolverine guts Hellion. The only way for Laura to save Hellion’s life is for her to do what the Demon wants and follow him to Hell. She agrees to the bargain and then immediately finds herself in Hell.

I really like this book so far, I know we’re only two issues in, but I think they have some big plans for this series. I really enjoy how X-23 is actually getting some interaction with some of the other X-Men. I especially like how Wolverine is spending time with her that doesn’t involve them killing people even if that time is spent teaching her how to shoot a gun.

I’m really looking forward to where this story is going. With Wolverine already in Hell, and now Daken and X-23 being on their way as well I’m really hoping this story will take an interesting turn. I’m curious to see if X-23 and Daken will team up with Wolverine, or if they’re just going to be used against him. If you’re already reading Wolverine, and Daken: Dark Wolverine you should be picking up X-23 because right now the three book are tying in, but even if you’re not into the whole Wolverine thing (Would you really call yourself a comic book fan?)I would recommend this book because it is really good.

Ken Zeider