Review: Invaders Now #2

Published on October 20th, 2010

In the Golden Age the Invaders were the Marvel team to beat. They consisted of Captain America,Bucky,Namor,Human Torch,Toro,Union Jack,Spitfire and the original Vision. This team was at the front lines of the war during World War Two fighting for the Allies against abominations that The Red Skull would throw at them.Invaders Now takes that same group today and realizes that they didn’t make the best decisions they could have and tries to right them. But do they succeed? Keep reading to find out if writers Cristos Gage and Alex Ross along with artist Caio Reis do in fact bring the Invaders to justice in Invaders Now! #2 of 5.


This being book to it really ups the action very quickly . Book one was a very slow set up with very little action but mainly showed us that something was going wrong with a group of people in Europe and it was something that Commander Steve Rogers found all to familiar.Having seen this before many years before with his former teammates The Invaders he calls them together to right a wrong before it comes back to bite the world in the ass again. He brings in the current Cap (Bucky), Namor, Spitfire, Human Torch,Toro,Golden Age Vision and against his better wishes the new Union Jack. His reasoning for not wanting to involve the new Union Jack as understandable as he was not at fault for the current  mess that was plaguing The Invaders conscious.Having all his team together he recounts a time in the 2nd World War when Zola poisoned a small town in Europe and ran one of his own super soldier experiments on them turning them all into twisted beast bread for war. The Invaders of old had no choice but to kill every man, woman and child in that town so the sickness did not spread through out Europe and we find that it still haunts the team.

Book two gets even further into the situation as we  find that they were battling the Ubercommandos consisting of  U-Man,Warrior Woman,Baron Blood,Master Man, and Iron Cross just to get to Zola and stop his rocket from spreading this disease to all of Europe.They actually fight their way through to Zola who at this point is still a full bodied mad scientist.Before becoming mortally wounded he explains that the Invaders are to late and that there is no way to reverse what he has done to the villagers and that the disease will spread from this town. After talking to some of the surviving members of the village who had not fully turned yet and who begged him to kill them Cap and crew make the hard decision to do just that and destroy every one in the village.

The book flashes back and forth between modern times where the team is standing around briefing Union Jack about the situation and and back in World War 2.The Invaders are basically trying to figure out what could possibly have happened to bring this back as they killed everyone in that village for what they felt was the greater good.Towards the end of the book they actually move out from this hidden base and back to the town, or what was left of it, and try to look for clues only running into their old enemies ,who look as bad as ever ,The Uberkommandos who seem to have some unfinished business with The Invaders.

Final Verdict:If you are a fan of the classic Invaders it is certainly a chapter worth reading as this team out of time kicks modern day bad guy butt!

Sheldon Lee