Review: Hawkeye & Mockingbird #5

Published on October 13th, 2010

Hawkeye & Mockingbird is not a book I ever thought I would 1 buy and 2 actually enjoy. So far we are 5 issues in and Crossfire has already severly wounded Mockingbirds mom and is hell bent on finishing his job by killing both Hawkeye & Mockingbird.We also have Jamie Slade who has been possessed by The Phantom Rider and is also hell bent on killing Mockingbird. Needless to say Mockingbird is not having what you would call a very good day but will you if you read this book?Keep reading to find out if Writer Jim Mccann and Artist David Lopez deliver an arrow to your little comic book lovin heart!


This series is definitely one of those that I wasn’t sure I would like that much. I have never been an big fan of Hawkeye and I don’t know a thing about Mockingbird other then she was a New Avenger but all that said I wanted to give this comic the old college try! The series itself has been pretty interesting as it really explores the history of Mockingbird more then anything else. It deals with the fallout from the Siege at Asgard between Hawkeye and Mockingbird.It also brings in a surprisingly interesting  group of  secondary characters such as Dominic Fortune and the W.C.A.The stories main plot line is really  just consisting of a revenge plot put into action by both Crossfire and his accomplice Jamie Slot (The Phantom Rider).They consistently drag Mockingbird and Hawkeye into there little plan and consistently fail.They do succeed at one thing however. They drag out the truth of who Mockingbird really is.This all makes Clint (Hawkeye) interested in closing some gaps and resolving some matters of the heart so he tracks down Mockingbirds mother only to find out she doesn’t even know she was still alive.

Clint feeling lied to and still wanting to pull Bobbi(Mockingbird) out of her funk decides to take it upon himself to arrange a dinner meeting with them …any guesses how that turns out? Not good I can tell you that.Bobbi basically explains that the whole reason she went completely off the grid in the first place was to eliminate the issue of enemies finding out her true identity and now Clint has ruined that now. Meanwhile the ghost of one of the older Phantom Riders has taken control of Jamie Slade and tries along side Crossfire to draw Clint and Bobbi out to take them out once and for all. Now having exposed a weak link for Bobbi the Phantom Rider uses it to bring Bobbi out in the open were she confronts Bobbi and threatens her life. At this time Crossfire moves in and shots Bobbi’s newly reunited mother.

Now completely pissed Bobbi is out for blood and along side the guilt ridden Hawkeye goes after Crossfire and Phantom Rider.That is when this issue comes into play. At this point Bobbi and Clint have devised a plan to take out this new Phantom Rider with the help of ..the Old Phantom Rider Jamie Slades father. Of course not everything goes as planed and well people die.Mockingbird and Hawkeye also seem to come to some sort of understanding with there relationship by the end of the book but the reader,so far, is left out of the loop as it took place on the top of the mountain while waiting for an evac.I am sure however we will assuredly find out what happened in the next issue.All in all the story has been written pretty pleasantly and I am a fan of Lopezs artwork style. This book feels like a spin off of the Avengers in all the best ways possible. If you are a fan of Hawkeye or Mockingbird I am almost certain you should be reading this!

FINAL VERDICT:If you call yourself a fan of Hawkeye or Mockingbird you have no reason not to be reading this book!While I love the art so far and the story has some valley’s however the peaks make them worth it!

Sheldon Lee