Review: Captain America: Patriot #2

Published on October 1st, 2010

I almost missed out on this book because of  a comic overload when the first issue came out, but on a whim I decided to pick up both issues this week. I am really glad I didbecause this is one of the funnest books I’ve read in quite some time. In case you missed the first issue like I almost did, the book starts in 1941 where a news reporter named Jeff Mace has a chance meeting with Captain America. Jeff is inspired and decides to help out and become a costumed hero called Patriot. Patriot then becomes the leader of a superhero team called The Liberty Legion and does his best to help out the war effort throughout the rest of WWII. Sometime after the war Patriot has a team up with The Invaders (now being led by the second Captain America) during the fight Captain America goes off after a bad guy, Patriot goes to give him some back up but by the time he finds Cap he’s been killed, to keep up with appearances Patriot puts on a spare costume and helps The Invaders finish the mission. Afterwords Patriot comes clean about what he did and is then given the opportunity to be the third Captain America.


The second issue is mostly about Jeff trying to adjust to being Captain America, while he gets along fine with most of the team he has a hard time getting along with Namor and Bucky. Despite all doubts Jeff is doing a pretty good job of holding up the legacy, but then his old partner Miss Patriot shows up after she figures out that Jeff is the new Cap. The visit goes well until she mentions that she would be up for the job of Bucky if it ever became available, Jeff knowing that the only way the position would be available would be if Bucky were to die, is outraged at the thought and immediately sends her away. He then learns that the reason she came was to tell him that his old friend, Jack Casey who was his photographer had killed himself. Jeff wants to appear as Cap at his friend’s funeral, but then learns that Casey was discharged under “odd” circumstances and if Captain America were to appear at his funeral it could ruin the legacy. Instead, Jeff makes his last appearance as The Patriot at the funeral in an effort to help his lost friend’s image.

After the funeral Namor calls Jeff a fool and that his stunt did nothing to help anyone, Jeff then punches Namor in the face knocking him to the ground. Afterwords Bucky and Namor finally start giving Jeff some respect and the team goes on as before fighting crime and inspiring Americans. Later after celebrating Jeff’s birthday he and Bucky head out to stop a jewelry thief. The two split up and Bucky is shot, the only clue to who shot him is the smell of lavender which was Miss Patriot’s favorite perfume.

I really enjoyed this book, the fact that they’re focusing on the replacement Cap after WWII is really cool because that period is all-but ignored and forgotten. I also enjoy how the story is interspersed by news headlines that chronicle Jeff’s adventures as The Patriot and then Captain America. It’s a good way to speed things up, and also references a lot of old stories. I think that with that writing style along with the art really captures that 1940’s feeling and adds to the book. I’m really glad I decided to pick up this book because I think missing out on this book is a mistake. It’s a really fun read with good writing and good artwork. Even though this book is bursting with Marvel Comics’ history they give you all the information you need to understand the story which gives anybody a chance to read it without being confused, and I could recommend this book to anyone looking for a good comic to read.

Ken Zeider