Figure Friday: DC Universe Batman Beyond

Published on October 8th, 2010

Package Description:

Thirty years after Bruce Wayne’s self-imposed retirement,Gotham City has been overrun by crime and corruption,The former Batman remains  in seclusion until high school student Terry McGinnis,fleeing members of a street gang,winds up at his door,together,they fight off the gang members,seeing a need for a new hero to watch over his city Bruce Wayne assumes responsibility for training Terry to become the new Batman.


When you first look at this figure you can tell that the paint job was not to hard since about 95% of his paint is just a shiny black color and a bit of grey for his utility belt and his face the rest is red for the Batman Beyond logo. I don’t know why they used a shiny black paint on this figure. I don’t recall him having a shiny costume on the tv show.The paint job over all is nothing spectacular. Now let’s talk about the sculpt of this figure.

This is a very basic sculpt for any DC Universe figure. I feel like they just reused a lot of other parts from different figures ,I mean  his upper body looks a lot like the Batman figure in wave 1and that’s fine but don’t look for anything groundbreaking when it comes to this figure. He does have a new face sculpt where he looks like he is  the gimp in Pulp Fiction.





There aren’t any surprises with Batman Beyond and his articulation. It’s a standard set of joints and each works exactly like it should. Like all the DCUC the articulation is perfect for me. I love the size of this figure and he is a lot of fun to play with.

The one big bonus here is that his neck joint is one of the best ball joints in the line yet as it allows for lots of up and down movement. So I have nothing bad to say when it comes to the articulation of this figure.

Final Judgment: 3/10

I am sorry but great articulation does not make a great figure for me. If I am going to pay around $14-$18  for a figure I want it to have a sexy design on it. Not just some shiny black paint.

Simon Daoudi