Review: X-Force Sex and Violence #3

Published on September 13th, 2010

I think it’s kind of funny how X-Force ended with X-Men: Second Coming and was immediately followed by this new miniseries entitled X-Force: Sex and Violence and then next month they start Uncanny X-Force. It was like X-Force never ended, but I’m good with that especially because this series was still written by the great team of Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost. With a title like Sex and Violence you know what to expect, and you get exactly what you were expecting.

sexyx-force3In this final issue Wolverine and Domino go to the headquarters of The Assassins Guild in an attempt to bury the hatchet over the money that Domino stole from them. Wolverine basically tells them to leave them alone and they’ll give the money to charity, end of story. Surprisingly the Guild doesn’t find this very appealing so they put out a counter offer of just killing them. The next few pages consist of some of the best action sequences I’ve seen in a long time. The two mutants just go all out on kicking ass, and even when Wolverine loses his face in the fight he doesn’t let up. Just when things are looking their worst The Hand show up and now we have a stand off between two groups of Assassins fighting over who gets to kill Wolverine and Domino. At this point I was thinking Wolverine would just let the bad guys kill each other instead Vanisher teleports the rest of X-Force in and they just rip everybody to pieces. Belladonna and Razorfist are the only two left, and Wolverine puts out his ultimatum of leave us alone or die, and after seeing X-Force take out almost everyone in the Assassin’s Guild they decide to takes up the offer.

Afterwords, Wolverine spends the next two days yelling at X-23 that she shouldn’t have come until they are interrupted by a news story about a Japanese Orphanage that just got 200 million dollars donated to them. Wolverine is pretty ticked off that they were shorted 37 million, but then Domino shows up in a new Mustang with a vanity plate that says, “SNIKT” Wolverine gets in the car and the two drive off with Logan asking why Razorfist is locked in the trunk.

After reading this I think Wolverine and Domino should team up more often, it’s great to have Wolverine in a working relationship where he’s the one setting the moral standards. I love Kyle’s and Yost’s stories, they’re really good at writing action stories and slipping in some decent comedy. The art is also really good in this book, plus it’s nice to have the same artist doing the cover and interior art. This was just a really fun read, and the only drawback to this story is that it’s over. On the plus side we only have to wait a month before Rick Remender’s Uncanny X-Force starts, I just hope it’s as good. Remender’s got some big shoes to fill and say what you will about Frankencastle, but I think the guy is up to the challenge.

Ken Zeider