Review: New Mutants #17

Published on September 21st, 2010

I have been following New Mutants now since the reboot. This title has struggled to find it footing since the very first issue and up until second coming wasn’t really that entertaining. Now the 2nd part of a new story arch with artist Leonard Kirk and written by Zeb Wells does it continue the line of crap artist and even crappier story telling or is this the beginning of a truly new era for our New Mutants. Keep reading to find out!

new_mutants17This issue of New Mutants is the 2nd part of a new story arch that involves General Ulysses and his military group working in Limbo and creating mutant abominations from there off world base.In issue 16 we discovered that the military were there for 26 years and they have with them the mutant babies that actually opened the portal to Limbo all those years ago. Of course it is never that simple.They have captured Pixie hoping to use her soul dagger for the Generals own dangerous reasons.That was a bit of the back story as I know I haven’t talked to much about New Mutants in a while. Now onto this issue!

At the beginning of issue 17 Danny Moonstar and Cannonball are flirting a little and get into well a bit of a lip lock…based solely on a bet…ummhmmm.Then like some kinda cosmic cockblock Magik comes in and warns of the impending doom and of Pixies capture and tells them they have to go with her right now to Limbo and tey have no time to warn the other X-men.So having no choice and being good little heroes they get teleported to Limbo and right away  Sam (aka Cannonball) is pissed and demands to know what exactly is going on. Illyana then explains to him that back on earth they have one hour before they extract a gem from her  soul dagger and complete the Blood Amulet but here ,in Limbo, they have weeks.Sounds like some Inception stuff to me but nonetheless I am now intrigued.She also throws a little line in there that back on the timeline she took them from Sam would lead the team to there deaths but if he helps with this that she will stick around and make sure that that situation never occurs.Meanwhile Pixie is about to get the old axe when she decides to use her mutant abilities and makes her captures see things that aren’t there allowing her time to get away. Now regrouped Sam and the rest of the New Mutants along with Illyana do a little investigating a find out that this was a US Military base and that there was a portal not far from them.

I would just like to take a second to say at this point that Kirk’s art work is perfect for this book!I am still partial to his work on Captain Britain and MI-13 so I am VERY happy to see him on this book.Ok,ok enough fan boy gushing. So the New Mutants find the Portal and march right through it to …well I am not really sure where they are at but it is that base of the Scientist who was working with the military with  all the Mutant babies 26 years ago.After demanding Pixie back they scatter and start yelling that the Babies want them. Enter a new group of  mutant baddies! They have aged 26 years and are ready to have a throw down with The New Mutants. They start to fight and they look to be a formidable foe to the New Mutants and that is where it leaves us.I have to say I am really happy about this new direction with Both Wells and Kirk on this book I am sure it is headed for greatness, I would also like to add that the cover art done by Dave Wilkins is both kinda sexy and very badass I look forward to more from his as well!

Final Verdict:While this book has struggled a bit in the recent past there is no better time then now to re invest in this book!

Sheldon Lee