Review: Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #2

Published on September 20th, 2010

Green Lantern is making some big waves lately at DC.  They just finished up the Blackest Night story arc and next summer is going to bring the first ever Green Lantern feature film.

DC also has a new series, Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors, which focuses onGuy Gardner with regular appearances by many other Lanterns and is written by Peter J. Tomasi with art by Fernando Pasarin.


Emerald Warriors shows Gardner dealing with the aftermath of Blackest Night.  He, Ganthet and Atrocitus of the Red Lantern Corps made some as of yet unexplained pact at the end of Blackest Night that involves the “unexplored space sectors.”  Whatever this pact is, Gardner keeps talking about how Hal Jordan will never trust him again, so it doesn’t look like it’s going to be very nice.  In Emerald Warriors #1, Gardner got permission from the Guardians to explore the uncharted sectors.

Emerald Warriors #2 shows Gardner wrestling with his conscience over the deal he and Ganthet made with Atrocitus.  Gardner is hoping that the other three Lanterns from Earth, Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner and John Stewart, will understand his reasoning when they learn about the secret pact.  He then prepares to begin his expedition into the uncharted sectors.

Meanwhile there is a supposed villain named Zardor of Kralok who I thought was Despero at first due to his third eye.  This chap was apparently an ally of the Guardians way back in the day but due to apparent villainous, douche baggery was banished to the uncharted sectors.  He’s now enslaving a small army of telepathic beings to use as a weapon against the Corps.

Gardner’s fellow Green Lanterns Kilowog and Arisia have their own drama going on.  Arisia can’t overcome the guilt of letting the former Ion, Sodam Yat, burn at the core of his planet’s sun while reigniting it (in a previous storyline).  Kilowog has quit being the official drill instructor for new Lanterns because he’s tired of watching them die in combat.  He makes this point known by cussing out a  recruit who wouldn’t stop kissing Kilowog’s ass. So, Arisia and Kilowog get the okay from the Guardians to join Gardner on his expedition.

On their way to the uncharted territories, they stop at Odym, home planet of the Blue Lantern Corps, so that Gardner can get purged of the Red Lantern badness he absorbed during Blackest Night.  Blue Lantern Brother Warth is about to purge Gardner when they’re attacked by Red Lantern Bleez.

What’s nice about this book is what they’re not telling you.  It’s clear that there is a goal in mind for where this book is going but Tomasi is keeping it hidden for now and letting it explain itself a little bit at a time.  It’s also nice to see Green Lanterns out doing space stuff instead of what’s been going on in the main Green Lantern title.  For the past several issues, all that’s happened in Green Lantern proper is Hal Jordan’s been cruising around Earth with his scantly clad, not-girlfriend, Star Sapphire Carol Ferris.  They get into a little trouble here and there but it’s pretty dull.  Pasarin’s art is pretty damn good for a Green Lantern book too.  His aliens all look very foreign and weird.

Overall, Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors is just starting out but looks like it’s going to pick up some serious momentum in the coming months.  I highly recommend.

Ian Candish