Review: Batman Beyond #4

Published on September 20th, 2010

If you know from reading my other previous review on the site I have (once again) become a really big fan of Batman Beyond written by Adam Beechen and drawn by both  Ryan Benjamin and John Stanisci.This series has done some interesting things with the future of the Bat family, so far we have seen the re-emergence of HUSH and a new Catwoman as well as the death of Calenderman and Signalman. In this issue we see old friends and the reveal of who this new HUSH is…interested? Read on!

batmanbeyond_4The issue opens were the last issue left off. We have the New Catwoman and the new Hush battling it out in a back alley and frankly at this point it looks like Catwoman might have used all her nine lives.Just as Hush starts to choke the life out of Catwoman, Batman comes in …kind of. It is just one of the bots that Bruce built and he is controlling it from the Batcave but this is used effectively  to distract  this new Hush and Catwoman reveals a new trick  as to why she calls herself that. She breaks up into 9 different Catwomen and then disappears. While this is going on Terry goes in and does some investigating of his own to find possible  Hush candidates. His first step leads him to ,now former Nightwing, Dick Greyson. Walking through his home Terry starts to question any possible motives Dick might have for attacking Bruce. Terry then  mentioned that he doesn’t have any mementos from his time with Bruce and finds it somewhat  odd. Dick then tells Terry that he did keep one and proceeds to show Terry his blood stained shredded Nightwing outfit on a hanger. Dick reveals  that he can’t work with Bruce any more because of a run in with The Joker. Dick proceeds to tell Terry his story and revels that after Joker shot him  Bruce took him to the hospital where they found that he had a bullet lodged in his spine and he lost an eye.Bruce only returned once after he got better and has not talked to him since. Dick then tells Terry that he has a solid alibi and that if he needs anything to please come to him as he knows how it can be working with Batman.

Terry then goes down to the docks to lure Hush out again but this time gets a little more then he bargained for as Hush attacks him and then stabs him through the torso. After doing this he rips of his Hush disguise to reveal what looks to be a younger Dick Greyson?!End of issue 4. Now if you are anything like me then you were like…. what??So after talking to our own round table of Ian and Ken we came to the conclusion that this new HUSH must be a clone of Dick Greyson and that would explain his attacks on Cademus Labs (who are known for making clones).Beechen’s writing is smart and catches you off guard by the deep history of both the Batman and Batman Beyond Universe. Beechen is obviously not only a fan of the series and character but also is great at planting little seeds in the story that he he pulls out of no where at a later time. Both Benjamin and Stanisci do an amazing job on the art work on this book . It is a step above the animated series and at the same time is perfect in tone with it!The only bad thing I can say about this book is that it ends in two issues.

Final Verdict: This mini series is fast, fun and is deep rooted in Batman’s history!It makes you want to watch the T.V. series again and has you longing for a running comic series with this team. I can not recommend this book highly enough for a Batman fan or just a fan of good comics!

Sheldon Lee