Review: Avengers The Children’s Crusade #2

Published on September 7th, 2010

I have to admit, up front, I am not a big Marvel reader. I have been trying to read more though, so don’t go throwing things at me just yet. When I read Ian’s review of the first issue of Avengers: The Children’s Crusade, “I thought this book sounds pretty good” so I picked up both 1 and 2 and boy was I not let down. (Thank you Ian) If you haven’t read his review yet, you should go read his and than come back and read mine.

avengerschildrenscrusade2Book two picks up exactly where book one ends, the Young Avengers are in the same alley with Magneto. He believes Wiccan and Speed are the key to finding his daughter Wanda (Scarlet Witch) since they might be the spiritual reincarnation of her lost sons. When he tries to take “twins” to Wund Agore Mountain, the place he thinks Wanda’s powers would be the easiest to trace, the Avengers show up to “rescue” the boys from the clutches of Magneto. So of course there is a fight. The Avengers try to make a case for Wiccan to stay with them but ultimately he uses his powers to take him, Magneto and the rest of the Young Avengers to Wung Agore. The powers are surprising to everyone, including Wiccan.

They begin their search with Magneto at Magda, his late wife’s grave. You see the possible fractures in the group as a whole at this point. As much as they are working together as a team they don’t all agree that working with Magneto is a good idea. Also you see possible love blossoming between Stature and Vision to round out the story. Magneto, Speed and Wiccan form a circle around the grave to try and feel Wanda’s energy and Speed takes off to find her. On his way around the village he runs into Quicksilver. There is a nice little family moment of speed racing that inevitably turns into Magneto and Quicksilver trying to kill each other.  Who should get caught in the middle you ask? Well, Wanda of course! She is impaled by a wooden post. That is where the plot thickens. We find out it’s not really Wanda, it’s a Doombot and the real Scarlet Witch is a prisoner of Doom.

“Wow!” was my response. I was a big fan of the Scarlet Witch after I read House of Mand am excited to see her in this book.  This book really has the total package, beautiful art matched with great writing. Allan Heinberg has created such a vibrant world that Jim Cheung brings to life. Two issues in and you already get personality traits and you don’t feel completely lost. As someone who doesn’t know much of anything about the Young Avengers I was able to pick these books up and dive right in. I know I mentioned the art before but it is really pretty. No crazy half drawn faces in the background, no bodies that look like a science project gone wrong. It’s all really well done. Amazing details too. Hair and capes that blows in the wind and dust that puffs up when they run. Seriously, I haven’t admired individual pages like this in a long time. Adding to the beauty are the colors by Justin Ponsor, they really pull it all together.

Overall this book was great and I can’t wait to read the next issue. I am definitely going to go back and reading that hardcover Ian talked about. For anyone wondering where they can jump in on a Marvel book, Children’s Crusade is a great place to start. They give you enough back story to help you know what  triggered events now and keep the story flowing.  Seriously, go read it!

Christina Flores