Figure Friday: Marvel Universe Thor (Reborn)

Published on September 24th, 2010

Package Description:

When Thor returned from the darkness of Ragnarok, he found a world far different from the one he’d left behind. He therefore resolved to concern himself more with Asgard and its people than with the problems of humanity. Even so, the closeness he felt with the mortals of Earth led him to bring his kingdom to the mortal realm so that his fellow gods might learn what it was like to live among them.


Looking at this figure you can tell this is the Olivier Coipel  design  of the God of Thunder which I love even more then  the one by the great Jack Kirby.I have never seen this sculpt on another Marvel Universe figure and that is a BIG PLUS in my book when I review figures. I love this brand new sculpt. I love the textures on his chain-mail. They add a new level of realism that I have never seen in any of the Marvel Universe figures line before.

Hasbro  finally got the proportions perfect on Thor. He does  not look like he needs to eat a big mac like Iron Fist or  stop working out 24/7 like  Luke Gage

Hasbro did a great job on his hands so  he can hold Mjolnir ( his hammer). The people of Asgard would look at Hasbro and tell them VERILY GREAT job on this sculpt human. You have made our brothers happy on this day. Hasbro also did a great job on the smaller detail on the paint job. I love the airbrush effects. I love the use of  brown and black on Mjolnir’s handle to make it look aged.



Thor has a lot of points of articulation. Just to name a few of them we have the ball neck,swivel hinge shoulders,hinged elbows,swivel waist, double hinged knees,swivel biceps,swivel wrists, ball torso,ball hips,swivel thighs and swivel/hinge ankles  he has 25 points of articulation in all.

So you can have a great time playing with Thor. There is  is one part of this figure  however ,where Thor loses one point for me. He does not have the best balance in the world. It is like him and Beta Ray Bill went drinking one night and now he can’t stand up right.

Final Judgment: 9/10

So there you go a look at the Marvel Universe Thor (Reborn) Figure. I love this figure and I am not a big Thor fan but this is a figure I think every action figure fan needs to have in their collection.  Plus if you are trying to make a Avengers team he is a must have.

Simon Daoudi