Figure Friday: DC Universe Green Arrow

Published on September 17th, 2010

Package Description:
After falling overboard during a south seas cruise, Oliver Queen washed up on a desolate island. Facing starvation, Queen fashioned a bow and arrows to hunt game and became an ace archer. After his rescue, Queen attended a costume party in Robin Hood regalia and foiled a robbery using his hard-won archery skills. Thrilled by the experience, Queen decided to continue fighting for the innocent and downtrodden as the emerald archer know as Green Arrow.

In the last few months I have become a fan of Green Arrow because of  J.T. Krul’s work on the new DC comic. It was only a matter of time before I got my self a Green Arrow figure since I think that the  DC Universe  figures are the best figures around. So as you can imagine  I was  incredibly happy when I found Green Arrow!

This figure has everything your looking for in a  Green Arrow toy. I especially like the  facial hair as for me that is just as big a part of the  Green Arrow  look  as his arrows.The green on his costume  looks great as well ,I love  all the small details on his feather that is attached to his hat. Speaking of  hat it is permanently attached to his head so don’t try to take it off like I did because you would just be wasting your time.

Like every figure that we have seen before in this line you can still find parts of other figures  being used I can tell they are using parts of the Batman sculpt. One of the major differences here is that he has two open hands to hold his bow.  He does not look awkward like some other figures out there and I think this the closest  to any interpretation of  DC characters that Mattel has made so far.

I just wish that you can put the extra arrows in his quiver but it is  impossible to store any of his extra arrows in the quiver since  you can’t take any of the arrow out  from his quiver. You can’t change any of his arrows but he comes with four extra arrows that just can’t do anything other then possibly get lost. So for that he losses a few points in this review

Regardless he is still a great looking figure.



If you have opened a DC Universe Classic figure or have read any of my reviews  on them you know that articulation with this line is a no  issue as they have the best articulation out there.Yet this time around his hands are actually swivel/hinges instead of the standard swivel. I can’t wait to pose him next to my Hal Jordan also form the  DC Universe Classic Line.

As I have been working on this review I have posed him in 20 different action poses.

Final Judgment: 9/10

Ok stop reading this review and go out get your self a DC Universe Classic Green Arrow Figure because this maybe one of the best figures we have reviewed here at and is a most have if your a fan of the Justice League of America or just GREAT figures in general.

Simon Daoudi