Sneak Peak: Captain American The First Avenger

Published on September 8th, 2010

Are we seeing the first photos of Chris Evans as Captain America? Doesn’t look like it, I’m thinking it’s his stunt double, but we do get to see the suit, shield  and motorcycle for the first time. His suit looks to be based on The Ultimate Universe Captain America and looks really good.

It’s really detailed and has a vintage color feel to it. The motorcycle has that same vintage touch to it. The body, saddle bags and paint are all very 1940’s, which leads me to believe that the scene they are filming is during World War II. The little details on the bike, like the leather saddle bag and matching shot gun holster are really well done. The shield is not his Ultimate Universe shield, it is the iconic round center star shield.


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The wear on it looks like he has wielded it through many battles. All and all I would say what we can see looks pretty good. Someone has really put a lot of effort into making everything look amazing.

I can’t wait to see what Chris Evans looks like holding the shield and wearing the suit.

“Captain American: The First Avenger‘ is set for a July 2011 cinema release.

Christina Flores