Collecting: Bowen Designs Ms. Marvel

Published on September 25th, 2010

I have to say that Ms. Marvel has lately become one of my all time favorite super heroines.  She’s tough, she’s smart, she’s a natural leader and her costume is simultaneously badass while not completely revealing.  She’s basically in a one piece swimsuit, Wonder Woman wears less.

msmarvelThis weeks statue is the Bowen Designs Modern Ms. Marvel.  It’s an impressive 13 1/2″ tall, limited to 1,000 and is sculpted by Seth Vandable.  This piece is one of two variants from Bowen, the other being the classic Silver Age Ms. Marvel costume, which is 14 1/2″ tall.

The fine humans over at Bowen are usually spot on with all their statues, and while this Ms. Marvel piece is no exception I do have some issues with it.  I’ll start with what’s good: this is a really dynamic sculpt.  The posture and flow really make it look like Ms. Marvel is taking off into flight.  Her outstretched left hand is also very detailed with all five fingers exposed.  Her belt/sash also conveys a lot of movement.  The sash and the hair look very windswept.  There are a number of areas on her costume that are crumpled together to give it a fabric look.  The inside of her boots have a long seam running up the middle of them that’s just a nice detail.

Unfortunately though, I’m not a big fan of what they did with her from the shoulders up.  Her head, neck and hair are kind of one big blob.  Her hair is basically just one big, globular chunk without much of the individual strands you’d expect from someone flying through the air.  I know they can’t sculpt every single strand of hair but compared to the Zatanna statue we reviewed a few weeks ago, the hair really doesn’t look that good.  Ms. Marvel’s face also seems really flat to me. The bridge of her nose is doesn’t curve much at all and kind of just disappears into her forehead.

Okay, back to what’s good about this Ms. Marvel.  The paint job is really cool.  Her costume is actually a really, really dark blue with a slightly lighter, semi-gloss blue mixed in to add detail.  There are some nice shading areas like in her exposed armpit too.  My one paint complaint is that they use a black line of paint under her butt and where her thighs meet in the front and back.  I understand that it’s supposed to depict skin folding over skin and add a bit more depth, which it does from a distance, but I prefer when they used differing shades of color to depict that instead of one dark, black line.

Overall, this is a pretty good statue.  I have a few issues with it but where this piece really wins is its dynamic pose.  For me though, there’s only one Ms. Marvel statue: the Sideshow Collectibles Ms. Marvel Premium Format Figure. If anyone is wondering what to get me for Christmas, there’s a big ol’ hint for you.  Or the Bowen Designs Bucky Captain America.  Excuse me while I drool.

Special thanks to Comic Impact staffer Ken for loaning out his Ms. Marvel statue.