Review: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (Soundtrack)

Published on August 12th, 2010

It isn’t often that I will ever get the chance to do a soundtrack review for the site but this time I felt it required it! You may be asking yourself though. Why now? Why Scott Pilgrim? Well let me explain. Most soundtracks connected to a movie based off a comic are either a pure orchestrated one or have songs that have either influenced the original comic or the band themselves are lending songs to the soundtrack because they have been influenced by the comic.In most cases they are sub par and are not that great, with the exception of a handful (The Crow being a fine example of an excellent one). Scott Pilgrim vs. The World however begs to be reviewed as it is a COMPLETE necessity that the music performances  from the film be integrated to what we expected from the  comic. In that sense what you are buying should both represent the comic AND the film.The Soundtrack itself was produced by Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich.Now lets examine the buttery music shall we?Oh and just so you know none of this review will spoil the movie;)

In the comic we dealt directly with music of different production values….for instance we had Crash and the Boys, Clash at Demonhead ,and then Scott’s band Sex-Bob-Omb.The music time references all seem to come directly from either the  early 90’s indiegrung rock or late 90’s electro/pop/rock.These bands are absolutely 100% well thought out and fully realized in this soundtrack.All the actors actually played the instruments and the actors playing the guitar parts are coached by Chris Murphy of the band Sloan.They broke down each band and gave them a suitable counter part, for instance Beck wrote all the songs for Sex-Bob-Omb giving them a very raw indie/grunge low-fi sound.Clash at Daemonhead was influenced by Emily Haines the lead singer of Metric and appropriately enough she also did the music for that band giving them that glam/rock sound that is so familiar with Metric.Crash and the Boys had Brendan Canning and Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene helping coach the actor and wrote the songs allowing that punk , spoken word sonic sound that you end up with on the sound track.Again these are all just the fictional bands covered in the comic and they are now a living breathing wall of sonic sound represented by the hard work of the different bands and producers as well as the direct influence of Bryan Lee O’Malley.


Now onto the rest of the soundtrack presented as either the back ground music or just setting and tone music for the characters to play off. We really get treated to some great bands who carry over the feel of the comic and the moment to moment of the characters situations. Now let’s open up that bag of music that we are given as an early Christmas gift from Edgar Wright and Nigel Godrich.One by one starting with T-Rex’s “Teenage Dream” (A classic Glam Rock feel) , Frank Black’s” I heard Romona Singing” (which he wrote previously and according to Black he had never even heard of the comic until now.), Plumtree’s “Scott Pilgrim” (which was the inspirational track for Bryan Lee O’Malley to name his titular character),The Bluetones “Sleazy Bed Track” ( A 90’s sounding melodic almost relaxed track  that is both hard and soft and that feels like a desperate plee from a lover),Blood Red Shoes “It’s getting Boring by The Sea”(A fast past  song that would be just as at home next to the sonic wall of Franz Ferdinand’s guitars as it does here),Metric “Black Sheep”(A completely Sexy Rockin Glam Rock track),Broken Social Scene “Anthem for a Seventeen Year Old Girl”(A light melodic/psycodelic tune with a banjo),Beck”Ramona” (A nice airy song with heavy lows of orchestration under the pleading of Beck singing Ramona),The Black Lips “Oh Katrinia!” ( A almost 60’s surfer rock meets the Kinks or The Animals song which as it would appear to be talking about that dirty bitch of a Hurricane from 2005.),The Rolling Stones “Under My Thumb” (A classic track about male domination),Beachwood Sparks “By Your Side (A cover of Sade’s song turned into an almost unrecognizable western/indie/surfer/singer-song writter type of tune…also one of my favorites on here),Brian Le Barton “Threshold” (A wordless 8 bit nugget of goodness that makes you want to turn on your original Nintendo and play some Double Dragon or Megaman).Beck also has two songs on here as Sex-Bob-Omb that are more then worthy to note “Garbage Truck” and “Summertime” (Both completely believable as Sex- Bob-Omb tracks as well as a low fi- Beck track…Double Win)!

That rounds out all the tracks on the Soundtrack. It is out now on Itunes and as well as at your local CD retailer and was released under ABKCO records on August 10,2010!Stay tuned to more goodness on Comic Impact as we cover the living shit out of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

Final Verdict:Do God, Your Family and Your friends a favor and put down that shitty Justin Bieber track and BUY THIS SOUNDTRACK!This album is made of 100% WIN……don’t you want to be to?

Sheldon Lee