Review: The HULK #24

Published on August 23rd, 2010

For a while now I feel like I have been one of the only people reading and enjoying both the Incredible Hulk and Hulk.The story has been,to me,one of the best the Hulk has had in a very long time.They have built up a great anti hero in the Red Hulk while showing a different side to the regular Hulk.It has made Banner confront his father issues by dealing with Skarr , his son, in Incredible Hulk 611.Now in Hulk 24 he is made to deal with another issue…one that has been with him since the beginning of Banners transformation into the Hulk, namely General “Thunder Bolt “Ross aka Red Hulk.In this issue World War Hulk comes to a head with art by Ed McGuinness and written by Jeph Loeb.

The issue starts out right where the previous one left off. Red Hulk is in the White House addressing the nation and they immediately jump into thehulk24action.They have an all out brawl that lasts through out the entire issue and has some of the best art work I have seen from McGuiness since the start of his run.The over all story in this issue is slim ,if this was a big action movie this would be the scene where the cgi would be doing overtime. McGuiness really does make both Hulks look insanely pissed at each other while having a huge slug fest. We also seem to learn from this fight that Hulk isn’t completely the dumb downed version we have seen in recent years. He is forming full sentences and making valid statements through out the battle royal. This is interesting to me as I always liked the Grey Hulk because he was big and smart so it looks like we can expect more of that in the coming issues of Incredible Hulk.

Green Hulk not only beats the living snot out of Red Hulk but the battle concludes at the Lincoln Memorial were he basically lays out to Ross that he  can no longer exist because to the nation he is buried and died with honors.He also states that if he ever decides to make a come back as General Ross he will have him court marshaled and put away for life.Now we all knew that regular Hulk was going to win the fight…I mean come on he is the hero of World War Hulks after all but that doesn’t mean that it is the end of Hulk.

If you have been reading Secret Avengers then you know in issue #4 that Nova will seemingly be leaving that book or at the very least that he is now a rotating member and the last thing that Steve says is that he will have to look for another heavy hitter to replace him.At the end of Hulk #24 we now see Rogers being escorted onto Gamma Base by our understandable Green Hulk stating that he had imprisoned Red Hulk and feels that he could be used for good on the Secret Avengers. Green Hulk also builds the case that because Ross was a military man and looked up to Steve that it might be a good fit.This is basically the ending of World War Hulks and the end of issue 24.

This is not however , as I said earlier, the end of the run for the book Hulk.It will have a new on-going artist as McGuiness steps aside and lets one of my favorite artist,Gabriel Hardman (Agents of Atlas)and favorite writers Jeff Parker (Agents of Atlas,Thunderbolts) take the reins.I am really excited about the direction they are going to go with Red Hulk and having seen some preview sketches from Hardman it has only made me want the next issue even more!

Final Verdict: Buy this book for the conclusion of one of the best Hulk story lines in recent memory! I know I will be picking up the trade for World War Hulk and then stick around for the next story by one of the most talented teams at Marvel!

Sheldon Lee