Review: X-Men #2

Published on August 16th, 2010

We are now 2 issues into Victor Gischler’s ‘Curse Of The Mutants’ story, a story which most of us here at Comic Impact thought would fail from the get go, but I can give you my assurance that this does not suck (was that a bad pun?). In fact this issue was a heck of a lot of fun, and it feels like it’s actually pushing the boat out a bit beyond where most modern vampire stories dare to go.

xmen2I think the way it incorporates a good X-Men story with the Marvel vampires is entertaining and it feels quite new and fresh! Gischler is putting the X-Men into a fun story which we wouldn’t normally see them in and he’s putting the vampires to good use, so it’s champagne all round I’d say. The two (X-Men and vampires) go well together to, and Gischler is handling the writing well  for a comic as mad as this. His dialogue is brilliant and the connections between characters is remarkable. Especially how he wrote the dialogue between Wolverine and Colossus in the first section.

This issue sees the introduction of Blade! A character we havn’t seen since Paul Cornell’s ‘Captain Britain & MI13′ (bring it back!). I mean why wouldn’t Blade show up. With what’s been going on with the vampire species recently it was bound to make a huge impact on his career as a vampire hunter. What with Dracula being killed and his son taking control of all species of vampire, you’d think he’d have caught on that something was up, and he has. He is in San Francisco because of the recent boom in vampire numbers there. So after bumping into Logan and Colossus in the sewers, Blade comes back to Utopia where he informs Scott and all the merry mutants as to what has happened to the vampire civilization. After a couple of nicely drawn panels they then realise that a vast army of vampires have surrounded Utopia and the San Francisco area, in order to wipe out the mutant race. What do you do when you’re faced with yet another threat that could wipe out your species? You decide to reunite the body and the head of Dracula don’t you! Bat shit crazy I know right, but it could work well. Heck it would make for a bloody good read and I’m looking forward to seeing Dracula come back, which I’m sure he will.

Jubilee is being a massive pain in the ass this issue and she leaves Utopia in the dead of night unseen. Why you might ask, well it’s because she has been infected with some bad vampire joo joo and now she has these uncontrollable urges to give herself up to the vampires (not in a sexual way, you sick perverts). The issue ends with her being bitten into by the now ‘King of the Vampires’ and Dracula’s son, Xarus. I guess if Jubilee is your favourite character then this may have made you go to the toilet in your undergarments, but I for one can say I don’t care.

The artwork by Paco Medina was superb, although sometimes his faces can seem a tad structureless. His strong action panels and overall style is remarkable and reflects really well in this issue. He can certainly draw all the different species of vampires well too.

It’s such a fun comic, it really is. It’s being both drawn and written well and the pace is just right. It’s moving along at a steady speed and I finished this issue feeling like I’d got what I wanted from it as well as my moneys worth. A lot of effort has gone into this comic from both the creators here, and I think it certainly warrants approval from anyone who enjoys fresh fun stories at Marvel.

As good as it was though, I do have a proposal for the X-Men. Take a leaf out of the Inhumans book and get your sorry asses off of planet Earth! You’re species was almost wiped out by anti-mutant maniacs and now you’re being threatened again by vampires! Who next, the Celts? The Danish? The Molemen? The sushi chefs?

Rob Andrews