Review: Haunt #8

Published on August 2nd, 2010

Look at Haunt and I think somebody took their Spawn and Spider-Man action figures and just smashed them together, but this series is about as far as you can get from those books while still being in the same genre. For those of you who don’t know about this character from Robert Kirkman and ToddMcFarlane, Haunt is about a priest named Daniel Kilgore who is linked to his dead brother, Kurt Kilgore and when the two merge they become a superhero. Did I mention that Daniel’s brother was killed because he was a secret agent? Well he is, it’s kind of important. So eight issues later Daniel has officially joined his brother’s former organization and has been training to become his brother’s successor for several months.

haunt8In the last issue Daniel had just started his training and was spending all his time reading and doing research, in this issue he gets to do the fun stuff. We get a nice little Rocky-esque montage showing Daniel in a shooting range making some decent shots and all sorts of exercises someone would be doing in boot-camp. The visuals are tied together with Daniel having a conversation with his ghostly brother. It’s a pretty endearing conversation because up to this point these two have been about as brotherly as two feral cats fighting over a dead bird. Now Kurt is acting as a mentor to his brother and even being supportive. After a pretty rough training session Daniel is met by the new Director of the agency who informs him that he has now officially been upgraded to an “active” agent, the only thing left is to come up with a codename for him.

Daniel feels that before he goes into the field he needs to do some “real” training which involves him and Kurt to go out as their super-hero alter ego. The next few pages are probably the highlight of this issue. Haunt is shown jumping over rooftops in an almost Spider-Man fashion in an attempt to find his limit. The entire time Kurt is telling Daniel to slow down, but Daniel won’t listen until he finally does hit the wall which causes him to almost lose consciousness and fall off a building. Daniel reverts to his normal self and slowly makes his way to a nearby bus and falls asleep in the seat. We now cut to Cobra a mercenary who was hired to kill Daniel, but instead got his face cut up by Daniel and Kurt. Cobra is suited up and ready to get revenge for his mutilated face when he’s stopped by his boss. The two have a stand-off but Cobra eventually yields when he is told that he’ll get his revenge when told to do so.

It’s now Daniel’s first day on the job, he spends the next couple of pages being introduced to the other people working there. The sequence comes across like the first day of school until the last page where the Director is being informed one of the agency’s strike teams were attacked on a mission and are now presumed dead. The Director decides that the best course of action is to send in Agent Kilgore who is now for the first time being referred to as Haunt.

This is the first original series from Robert Kirkman that I actually started reading from the beginning, and like all his other books it’s a damn good read. This issue wasn’t exactly action packed but it if you skipped this one you’d regret it. We got some new characters introduced, Daniel was made an official agent, and for the first time the name Haunt was actually used. Greg Capullo has done a great job taking over for Ryan Ottley in this book, I hadn’t even realized Ottley left the book until I looked at the credits although that’s probably because Capullo was doing the layouts for the book during the first storyline. I’m really looking forward to the next meeting with Haunt and Cobra now that Daniel and Kurt have figured out how to work together as Haunt. The evolution of these characters have played out really well up to this point and I’m confident that the series will continue to keep the interest of its readers and entertain them.

Ken Zeider