Review: Dark Wolverine #89

Published on August 15th, 2010

Things haven’t been going well lately for Daken.  He lost his spot on the Avengers when Norman Osborn was brought down, he was used as a tool byLogan to bring down Romulus  and now Franken-Castle has come back for round two after being murdered by Daken. Issue #89 of Dark Wolverine is chapter 3 of the Dark Wolverine/Franken-Castle rematch, titled “Punishment.”  Chapter 1 was in Dark Wolverine #88 and Chapter 2 was in Franken-Castle #19.


The story of this series has been pretty simple: Franken-Castle is really, really pissed at Daken for killing him he’s out for revenge.  Chapter 1 got the fight started and Chapter 2 really ramped it up, with Franken-Castle and Daken beating the holy Hell out of each other all across Tokyo.  by the end of Chapter 2 it looked like Frank had the upper hand after throwing Daken in front of a train, impaling him on several pieces of rebar and then eviscerating him with a circular saw.  The only thing that stopped Frank from finally killing Daken was the sudden appearance of Logan at the very end, which is where Chapter 3 picks up in Dark Wolverine #89.

Logan tells Frank that even though Daken is a psychotic killer, he’s the only family Logan has and that he can’t let Frank kill him.  So Frank and Logan start going at it while Daken heals enough to get away.  Frank beats Logan unconscious and then makes his escape into the sewers, being badly wounded after fighting both Daken and Logan.  As soon as Frank pops his head out of the sewers he finds a big rig truck barreling down on him.  Frank is hit and pinned underneath the front wheels when Daken, now mostly healed, gets out of the truck.  In Dark Wolverine #88 Daken slashed Frank’s chest open and saw that he had a bloodstone inside of him that was powering him and keeping him alive and Daken has wanted it for himself.  So with Frank pinned and broken under the truck, Daken cuts Frank open and removes the stone saying, “So sorry Frank…you lose.  Again.”

As I’ve said before, this story arc is pretty light on story.  It’s just a big, nonstop, back and forth ass kicking.  It’s really violent and bloody and gory but it’s still a fun read.  The art from Stephen Segovia and Paco Medina is excellent.  They tone down the gore a bit compared to Tony Moore on Franken-Castle but they’ve really got a great grip on Daken and what makes him tick.

Overall, this isn’t a very cerebral book, it won’t challenge your notions of God and the meaning of life, it’s not advancing the history of the Marvel Universe, it’s not creating Eisner Award competition, it’s just a fun, gory, bloody good read.  If you like watching a couple (or three if you count Logan) beat the piss out of each other nonstop, at the very least you’ll get a kick out of Dark Wolverine #89.

Ian Candish