Review: Avengers Prime #2

Published on August 9th, 2010

If the comic business doesn’t work out for Brian Michael Bendis (very unlikely, but stay with me), then I reckon he could make a pretty good living out of being a DJ. Whereas the first issue of Avengers Prime felt like a song with an upbeat tempo, this second issue felt more like a layed back, slightly slower piece of music. So with that pathetic analogy of which I am quite ashamed, you shouldn’t be surprised when I tell you that unfortunatly this issue was not as special as its predecessor.


It wasn’t as special, no. But it wasn’t terrible. It was entertaining don’t get me wrong, but entertaining in all the wrong places. Where I found joy in Tony Stark’s witty dialogue, I found none in the development of the story. This issue quite literally ended where it started, and I was a little disapointed by that. Iron Man got himself captured for being a wise guy, Steve Rogers cut his arm and met a hot babe, whilst Thor shouted at a witch.

This issue was split into 3 sections, each telling what happens to Tony Stark, Steve Rogers and Thor respectively, who have each ended up in different areas of the Nine Realms. To elaborate on what I thought about the writing, I thought that the dialogue in each of the character’s appearances was superb and written to a high level, I just find it a tad frustrating to see that none of the character’s situations have changed at all (I suppose Tony getting captured was about as far as the issue went in big changes). The last page spoiler looks like it will make for a lot of good fighting next issue, but from what I’ve heard if you’re reading Kieron Gillen’s ‘Thor‘ at the moment, then this sort of spits in its face. Bendis has apparantly neglected continuity with the last page spoiler here, but it doesn’t bother me because I’m not a huge Thor reader.

There was a nicely executed storytelling technique used towards the end of the issue where all 3 of the character’s stories were pulled together as one by the dialogue. I will use an example from in the comic to describe what I mean. At one point, someone asks Thor the question “Where is Asgard?”, to which he replies “You know where it is“. This is followed on in the very next panel by switching to Steve Rogers’ story where in responce to a question someone asked him, he replies “It’s on Earth“, effectively continuing both his and Thor’s conversations at the same time. It’s used in lots of films and lots of comics, and it’s something I’ve seen Bendis use on multiple occasions. It worked well and made for a well paced, forfilling read.

Alan Davis still proves himself the perfect artist to draw this mini series. His artwork is gorgeous and as I mentioned when talking about the first issue, seeing him draw a full comic books makes me remember how much I enjoyed his X-Men comics with Chris Claremont from years back. I love it, and it makes this series a pleasure to look at.

I suppose my final word is that this issue was certainly not terrible, it was just a bit disapointing in terms of progress because nothing happened, and you sort of want stuff to happen in comics books don’t you. Pick it up for the great dialogue though, and for Alan Davis’ outstanding art.

Rob Andrews