POW: August 18th 2010: Thunderbolts #147

Published on August 25th, 2010

Come on in humble listeners for another one of our Pick Of The Week podcasts! It’s a sad show this week as it’s the last weekly podcast I’ll (hello my name is Rob) be doing for a long time, because I’m heading off to University in a couple of days. So for one more time, join me and my full house of companions; Sheldon, Simon and Ian for another special show!

This episode is a bit of a Marvel-nutter show this week, as a lot of Avengers books came out! There was a mighty impact made on the world of the Hulk, as Sheldon tries to convince his fellow podcasters to start reading it! Everyone on the podcast was delighted to see a certain cripple kick some ass this week! Where does Nick Fury stand in Secret Avengers? And which was better, ‘Y: The Last Man’ or ‘Ex Machina’? Listen in as always to find out!

Rob’s POW was Thunderbolts #147 by Marvel Comics. Also discussed in this podcast are Ex Machine #50, Secret Avengers #4, New Avengers #3,  Chew #13, Avengers Academy #3 (a tiny bit), Hulk #24, Batman Beyond #3, Uncanny X-Men #527 and Atlas #4.

Rob Andrews

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