Collecting: DC Direct Cover Girls Zatanna

Published on August 14th, 2010

DC Direct has set out to turn some heads with it’s “Cover Girls of the DC Universe” line of statues which are sculpted after different DC covers drawn by super star artist Adam Hughes.  Each statue is quite stunning in it’s own right but one that really stands out from the crowd is Zatanna.

zatanna_11Cover Girls of the DC Universe Zatanna is sculpted by Jack Mathews and inspired by the cover to Catwoman #58.  The statue is 10″ tall x 4 1/2″ wide x 4 1/2″ long.  Zatanna was the second statue in the Cover Girls series, following Wonder Woman and preceding such other statues as Black Canary, Catwoman, Power Girl and more.

The wonderful people at DC Direct have really done an amazing job at making a really detailed statue for Zatanna.  Her clothes are wrinkled and folded like they are hanging off of a real body while her hair is flowing like she just pulled it out of her top hat.  The sculpt itself mirrors Adam Hughes’ artwork stunningly well but the paint job is also very well done.  Zatanna’s eyes are painstakingly detailed with a black pupil and blue corneas that contain just a tiny dot of white paint to show light reflecting off her eye.  It’s a detail that’s hard to notice unless you look really close but it really helps to convey the cocky demeanor that Zatanna carries in the comics.

Zatanna’s pose is, again, very true to the Catwoman cover done by Adam Hughes and helps bring personality to the statue.  She looks like she’s just stepping off the stage after a killer show.  She looks very playful the way she is leaning back just slightly and tipping her top hat at you while posing with her cane.

My one complaint is really just me nitpicking.  I’ve always liked Zatanna in fishnet stockings but this statue features her with bare legs.  What I figure is that at certain points in the comics Zatanna has gone without fishnets but Black Canary has almost never been caught without them, so DC Direct chose to only have one statue wearing fishnets and saved them for Black Canary.  It makes sense and I don’t really hold it against DC Direct or the statue itself, it’s just a personal preference.

DC Direct lists this statue at $99.99 on their website, but it can be found at Amazon for $69.99.

All in all this is a fantastic statue.  Do yourself a favor and take Amazon’s sweet deal on Zatanna and bring her home to spruce the joint up a little.

Ian Candish