Rick Remender writes Uncanny X-Force

Published on July 14th, 2010

From Franken-Castle to the X-Men, it seems as if Rick Remender can’t get enough Marvel goodness at the moment. He’s spreading his crazy ideas all over the board as usual this October, when his first issue writing a brand new X-Men title comes out.

‘Uncanny X-Force’ is the name of Remender’s new title. In the wake of Second Coming, the Uncanny X-Force are a secret black-ops team led by Wolverine, formed to take down a newly resurrected Apocalypse. It sounds like  deadly Secret Avengers team. Just the title ‘Uncanny X-Force’ sounds mad enough right, but just you wait until you see who Wolverine has on his new team fighting along side him.


What a crazy cast of characters! You even have Deadpool in there, which could prove to be interesting or to be a complete failure. I think Remender could pull Deadpool off quite well though, unlike most people writing him at the moment. Otherwise, this is a bad-ass team of characters, not so badass as Secret Avengers or the new Thunderbolts, but still an odd ball mix.

Rick Remender’s new team will debute in a short story featured in ‘X-Men: Second Coming #2′, and will then pick up again in their new own on-going series which starts in October. It will put you back $3.99 however, in the typical modern Marvel fashion.

Uncanny X-Force #1 is released in October. It is written by Rick Remender (Franken-Castle, Fear Agent) and drawn by artist Jerome Opeña. Be sure to check it out, if you want to see Remender work his quirky magic on some of our favourite mutants.

Rob Andrews