Review: X-Force: Sex and Violence #1

Published on July 16th, 2010

With such powerful cover artwork and an extremely intriguing name, ‘X-Force: Sex and Violence’ was something I felt I had to pick up. I had heard about and seen this comic in the previews a few months ago but had given it nothing more than a quick raise of the eyebrow. Yet here I am, giving it more attention than I’d have thought it would warrant.

It’s the first of a 3 issue mini series by writers Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost, and artist Gabriele Dell’Otto. It explores the physical relationship between Wolverine and Domino, and places Domino in a whole heap of trouble with a guild of Assassins from her past. Which at the end of the day, is really just a bullshit excuse to make loads of money from people who think it could possibly contain boobs or sex by wrapping a predictable, worthless love story within a run of the mill, beat ’em up plot. You could argue that it isn’t that at all, but if it meant anything more, then surely it would be longer than 3 issues.

Unless Kyle and Yost plan on taking this relationship anywhere on a longterm basis, I don’t see the need for a comic about it.


If we take a look at the plot itself, we are thrown head first into a scene with Domino spitting out her own blood and teeth into a sink after she was beaten up by Assassins in her apartment. Elixir walks in and is worried she may be seriously hurt, followed by Wolverine who demands to know who did this to her and why. She reluctantly reals off her story and we are therefore updated on her brief encounters with this guild of new-age Assassins and we know why they are after her. Up until the moment this long scene in her apartment ends, everything seems to be flowing along quite nicely for the most part and this comic looks like it could be something decent. But the rest of the comic was complete jibberish. Domino and Logan get themselves into a situation where they get ambushed, they then share a sweaty kiss and the comic ends with someone with swords for arms showing up and start demanding Domino give him money. I’m afraid the comic fell apart at that point, and I was fully aware of the intentions and purposes of this comic. It just got too ridiculous too quickly, without providing any explanations.

I thought that Logan was written well throughout the issue, it did feel like I was reading a familiar Logan. It’s just the lack of explanation behind his actions. Things just happened in this issue, and that was that. They just happened because they did.

I was reading this hoping to learn more about Neena ‘Domino’ Thurman, but evidently I wasn’t to learn anything from this. It gives off the impression she is some badass slut who doesn’t give a rats arse about anything anymore. I hope she isn’t that sort of character. Neena commented at one point that she knew Logan had the hots for her ever since something happened in Japan. Now I don’t know she was hinting at there, maybe I missed something. Maybe it was something which will change my mind and at least give me some decent reasons as to why they feel the need to randomly kiss in the heat of battle in this comic.

On a more positive note however, there were some bits I especially liked in this comic. Firstly, the art in general. It is beautiful, and there is not a single panel where anything looks wrong or lacking in any way, shape or form. Gabriele Dell’Otto really made this comic look extremely cool. The tone and the colours are dark and gritty, which fits perfectly with the rough and violent X-Force atmosphere. Art wise then, this issue was a Godsend. I also thought it was awesome that Gabriele Dell’Otto gave Logan some seriously bitchin’ lambchops, yes I am talking facial hair. It was badass and I loved that look on Logan. Just as awesome, was the way Dell’Otto drew Logan’s Ford Mustang.

Though all in all, this story is so basic. As Ive said, it’s entierly predictable and the last half of the book ruined everything that seemed hopeful in the first half. It frustrates me when stories like these get published. I will continue to read it though I suppose, only out of sheer curiosity. From this issue though, I was quite dissapointed with the plot and the lack of explanation.

Rob Andrews