Review: Batman Beyond #1

Published on July 2nd, 2010

Before I start this review I am sure you are asking yourself “What can the guy that loves Marvel possibly tell me about a DC book.”. Well allow me to retort. I am only hard on DC because I know they can up their game.Lately in my own humble opinion they have not been up to par.They have some of the MOST recognizable characters in the comic brand but they are treating them with little respect and not considering the future of the brand. Having said all that…I would like to talk to you about Batman Beyond 1 of 6.

batmanbeyondBatman Beyond started it’s life as a part of the Warner Brothers Television Network and was put in heavy rotation next to Batman The Animated Series in January 10, 1999 and was meant to show the far off future of Batman.The series lasted 3 seasons and spawned off 1 direct to video movie. Two years later it was gone. However it was a big fan hit! I am one of those fans and I am very happy that he is back and is brilliantly written by *Sir Adam Beechen and drawn by *The Duke of Pencils Ryan Benjamin.

If you follow the crazy future history of our new Batman Terry McGinnis then you know that he is working with a now very old Bruce Wayne (he now primarily works out of the Batcave).If you know the history between these two just know that at his point in the story Terry doesn’t know that Bruce is his Biological Father yet. Which sets the time line some where after The Joker has been reborn but before he finds out about Bruce’s lineage.Whew I feel like I am giving a history lesson!

This issue starts off  in Cademus Labs with two slain victims. Two being the key word here.We then jump to Terry taking down Spellbinder over the high flying sky scrapers of the distant future.Bruce is still yelling in his ear and he is still busting heads in classic fashion. Beechen nails every character in this to a T! It really feels like a seamless jump from the television series to the page! Hear that Batman Beyond fans!! Nailed it!!After taking care of Spellbinder Terry then gets another invite to join the future Justice League by Micron.He politely declines for the time being and is back to his next mission.That mission sends him to investigate the death of Signalman…who’s death Bruce feels is sending him a message directly.Terry then takes point and once he gets there is called to yet another mission over at the neighboring St. James Psychiatric ward. At this point both Terry and Bruce feel they are being played with and two keeps coming up in the death notices.Immediately Terry asks if it could be Two Face and Bruce tells him you can never be too sure but he knows Mad Hatter is there so he needs to get there as fast as possible! Upon his arrival he sees what looks like a man hovering over a nurse begging for her life. As Terry approaches the man only says “No Not Yet” and turns to flee the scene.Terry’s only glimpse of him reveled him to be a man in head bandages and a long trench coat.HUSH BEYOND!! End of issue!! Wow talk about making me want to read the next one!

The art style in this book  is perfect for this short series and it has a lot of the same things I used to love both about the cartoon.It is surprisingly moving to a darker story quickly.My only fear is that it could become a retelling of the original story of HUSH (which I loved and highly recommend) however having read Beechens other works my fears become unsound.

Final Verdict: I know I have been saying this with most of my reviews but well anything said once is worth repeating twice! Another two reference!Go get this book especially if you are a fan of the cartoon or just a fan of Batman!It won’t replace the Return of Bruce Wayne but it will make you forget for a while;)

*I would just like to note that  Adam has not been Knighted and Ryan is not an actual Duke…….yet;)

Sheldon Lee