POW: June 23rd 2010 Avengers #2

Published on July 2nd, 2010

This episode of our Pick of the Week podcast is one of the most juicy podcasts we’ve done for a while here at Comic Impact. It’s a real joy ride, let me tell you that! Sheldon has the Pick Of The Week after Rob had it last week. Sheldon is joined as always by Simon and Rob, who all together russel up the comic book goods for you to get high from!

There is a big debate about Avengers #2 and it’s ups and downs, and how ‘Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne’ has showed some of the guys its much more pleasant side! Find out why Franken-Castle is actually the victim of wife beating, and how literature is actually a rather remarkable idea. Keep up to date on your comics, and download this hilarious baby!

Sheldon picks Avengers #2 as his POW. Also discussed are Thunderbolts #145, X-Men Legacy #237, Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #3, Franken-Castle #18 (briefly touched on), Fantastic Four #580 and Amazing Spider-Man #635.

Rob Andrews


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