Marketing Class 101 with Marvel

Published on July 10th, 2010

I went to school for design and film history. Now I post about comics on this website, work as freelance designer and work at comic book store. Now, maybe I missed something in one of my marketing classes, but when you have a hit product, you’re not going to talk bad about it right?

Well I guess if you’re not a Marvel fan you won’t give a shit. In the ads for the new X-men books, they’re using the tagline ”How bad is it?”-“That Bad.” I know they’re talking about the whole vampires/mutants thing, but come on that is not the best tagline ever, when they got such much hate about this idea before the comic even comes out.


I was one to talk mad shit about it. I read it and posted a review last week talking about how much fun it was but don’t use a tag line like that. I hope for issue 3 then not going to use the tag line ” It is only get worse from here”

Simon Daoudi