Interview: Adam Beechen

Published on July 10th, 2010


The other day we got a chance to talk with Adam Beechen about his new project ‘Batman Beyond’ from DC Comics, based on the hit animated show with the same name. Beechen talks to us about what it is like working on a comic based on an animated show. He gives us some clues to the future storyline, and if you were a fan by the end of the first issue, then you’re going to love one of his answers.  To find out how you can win a signed copy of ‘Batman Beyond #1’ signed by Adam himself, just sit right back and watch this 5 minutes video interview with Mr Beechen.

If you have not read ComicImpact staff member Sheldon’s review, then I would go read it right now and make sure to listen to last weeks POW podcast as we talked about Batman Beyond # 1 there too, and where we would love to see it go.

Remember! Please send your answers to ‘’ before August 10th 2010 to win a signed copy of Batman Beyond # 1.

Simon Daoudi