Figure Friday: Iron Man 2 Hulkbuster Iron Man

Published on July 9th, 2010

Package Description

Tony Stark is always thinking ahead about how best to protect the Earth. One of the dangers that has preoccupied him for years is that posed by the HULK. Stark built the HULKBUSTER IRON MAN armor, an immensely powerful suit designed specifically to take down the HULK and precent him from threatening the planet.


Ok kids let me tell you something this figure will kick your ass and guess what the Hulkbuster was designed to take down the Hulk. The team over at Hasbro has done a great job. When I first found out about this figure I was thinking it was going to suck the big one. But WOW Hasbro has made one of my favorite figure of the year with the Iron Man 2 Hulkbuster.

I know  this is  the same sculpt as  the Juggernaut figure . The sculpt is great and this is by far a unique design for Iron Man. The open hand and closed fist are also some of the best detailed that Hasbro have done on a figure. This figure is big and is even bigger then Hulk that I have from the Marvel Universe figures  line. This figure is made with a hard plastic piece.

His forearm and shoulder guards  are glued into slots same with the  triangular chest arc reactor. I have played with this figure for over a week now it still in one piece .  love the round vents in his back and sides of his legs. This is a fantastic sculpt. The Paint job is great and I love the gold they use for this figure.



For a big guy the Hulkbuster can get down.He has some great articulation. He does have over 20 points of articulation in fact. His  shoulders have full range but are blocked by the shoulder guards,I am ok with that though.He has some new joints that have not seen before  (the whole swivel/hinge shoulder) and I am very impressed at  how great the articulation is on this big guy and he is a lot better then The Hulk.

Final Judgment 10/10

10 out 10 that’s right this figure is a must have for any fans of Figures and if your fan of the Marvel Universe figures. Take a 5 min break and go order your self a Hulkbuster because this figure is up there as one of the best figures around. Now I can’t wait to see what Hasbro is going to do with the Juggernaut figure because I am 98% sure it will be the same sculpt.

Simon Daoudi