Review: Superman #700

Published on June 29th, 2010

Sometime back I posted a review of Batman #700. This time around we looking at Superman #700. Firstly, I love this front cover. Looking at it, it feels like an old school comic book that I might have got at 7-11 back in the days before going to my local comic book store. Great job by the best Superman artist of all time in my book, sorry Jim Lee and sorry George Perez, but for me Gary Frank is the best artist at Superman.

superman700This oversized issue features three complete stories that don’t link up at all like the Batman #700 stories did.

The first story is by James Robinson and Bernard Chang. Superman is back on Earth and he is looking  for some ass. Oh sorry, The Parasite is chasing Lois Lane. Who comes to save the day? Captain Bucky O’Hare? Nah, it’s the one and only boy scout that’s right Superman. As you can tell I was not a big fan of this story, I get it that Lois has not seen him since all the shit with  “New Krypton” and “War of the Supermen”. I know that they have been through a lot and been apart for sometime now, but I don’t need to see passionate embrace for the story.

Bernard Chang’s art makes me think bit of Ed McGuinness the way he draws Superman’s face. But over-all, this is a good bye to James Robinson on the Superman books. I was a fan of his Superman story for half his run, but then I just stoped caring. Kind of sad since Superman is one of the big three characters over at DC.

Aw, the second story by Dan Jurgens. I wanted to kill myself and I was telling myself “wow”, this is just another bad Superman story that made me remember why I hate Superman sometimes. Where he is not just the boy scout but the boy scout leader.

As this is the story of Dick Grayson, aka Robin, going out trying stop the bad guys since Batman is not working that night, and guess who gets into trouble when the bad guys catch him? Who is going to be swimming with the fishes? That’s right, Robin sure is. This a great early story but what the fuck is it doing in Superman # 700.

Oh yeah, and Superman (boy scout leader) comes to help his first mate Robin, and the boy wonder has never looked more gay in his life.  It’s a weak story, oh wait sorry it’s a great use for toilet paper. Not only does Superman save the day one more time but he does Robin’s homework for him as Bruce is walking up to the young ward’s room to check up on him. Now, is it just me or does it this seems out-of-character? The story ends with Bruce sending a note to Clark over at the Daily Planet telling that he knows he did Dick’s homework for him. If you’re a fan of silver-age era Superman good for you, but that is not my cup of tea and that’s what this story feels like.

Now onto the last part of this big milestone number 700 issue, and also the first part of JMS (J. Michael Straczynski) run on Superman, sure this is just a ten-page prologue, but still his first part of his story line. I love it when Superman is an emo and he try to find out what it is like being one of us, one of the human race here on Earth. What I know from JMS’ run, is that this is the story where Superman is going to get on his run. We’ll see a year of Superman walking across the United States trying to reexamine the ordinary lives he’s dedicated his existence to protecting and worries that he’s lost touch with them, and I know is sounds ridiculous but some of us may want a break from the flying and punching.

What I want a from a Superman story for this near-godlike like man, is a  great existentialist story-line.

One that would make Albert Camus pee himself after he’s done reading it. Superman is only interesting when something threatens his emotional and psychological vulnerabilities. I hope that JMS can do this for me. I know that people look up to Grant Morrison’s ‘All-Star  Superman’ as one of the best Superman books of all time. I had a hard time reading it because of Frank Quitely artwork. I was not a big fan of his artwork but I am going to go back and read it.

Over all Superman #700 was not the best comic of the week. It was not anywhere near as good as Batman # 700 was, and I was not a big fan of that comic. Let’s just hope that JMS can do something to save Superman, because I would hate to see a book with so much history just become shit. I don’t care how hard Superman can punch someone, I want to know what it’s like for him to have an alienation and I want to know he deals with the feeling of separation from his home world.

I still love the cover.

Simon Daoudi