Review: Franken-Castle/Punisher #17

Published on June 7th, 2010

Ok let me be Frank about this book right now and all of you can be Microchip…..haha get it cause his name is ..well ok now onto the review.

I really don’t know where to start with this book right now. I have mixed opinions on what this book should be versus the current state of the book. I should start out by saying I do like Rick Remender a lot! I also have a long history/love affair with good Punisher books..War Journal I am looking at you!So when I saw that they were doing something radically different to Frank Castle I was shocked and well a little happy to see him going in a completely different direction than I have ever seen him go. Now however with issue 17 I am not so sure. We start the issue off with Frank on an operating table after his big fight with Robert Hellsgaard. Still with the Legion of Monsters they try to put him back together and by doing so give him a red shard that will regenerate him over time.I am going to stop right there for a second.


I want to applaud Rick and crew for being so fearless so far by developing a story that no one has ever seen coming.I mean you can’t tell me that any one of you saw a Franken Castle coming…no one did!Ok so now that I did that lets get back to the story! So Frank is given a 2nd, 2nd lease on life and Dr. Michael Morbius is to thank for that this time around.They then skip a month later where Frank is still healing and his old partner Henry is once again helping him in his never ending battle for justice.

Now for me this books works well with Frank being among monsters and looking like one doesn’t hurt but when you bring him back up on the streets of New York well ehhhhhh not so much. I will still stick with this book however and see how far down the rabbit hole they go with him. Hopefully when they reach the other side he will be a grown, changed character. I would really love for this book to be a special little footnote in the long, bloody saga of The Punisher.So let’s just hope they won’t make us squirm and think of the Clone Saga when we look back at this story line years from now.The art however is something I would like to discuss. How the hell big is Franken Castle now? Is he say 3 people tall and 2 people wide or is he more of the same size with just bulkier bits? Hell I don’t have a clue at this point! Hell on the very last page of the book we get  some kinda strange Giraffe looking Punisher!! Guys get your shit together on that!Hopefully that is something that will get better….I hope.

FINAL VERDICT: While I do like this book and the crazy direction they have been going with this book I don’t know how long before it will start to get old. Reading the Ultimates version of the Punisher lately in Ultimate Avengers has me missing old school bad-ass Frank. So I guess I will keep reading this book until it gets to contrived…..hint,hint don’t stretch it out have a story line beginning ,middle and end that get’s us back to old Punisher but with a twist!

Sheldon Lee