Review: Captain America #606

Published on June 12th, 2010

Feeling a bit patriotic today because of the US vs England World Cup Game? Whew it was a nail bitter! Still in the mood for some good old American fun? Then you need to run not walk to your local comic store and pick upCaptain America issue #606!! This was a great issue and a good jumping on point for newbies as it really does set up a new , and what looks to be wild ride of a story arc for Bucky and crew!


The Issue starts off with Bucky and Falcon on a mission and Bucky Cap just keeps taking over the top risks which gave Falcon some concerns. Falcon then has a chat with Cap Steve and decides to have a big brother intervention with Bucky.It is really nice to see that just because Bucky has the role he isn’t resting. In fact he is pushing himself to be something more.The action in this issue is heightened by Butch Guices great artwork! We also learn that Bucky has a bit of a nagging conscious because of shooting 1950’s Cap in the last story arc.Heseems to still be dealing with past sins in his head and having a little bit of trouble with it.

Now let’s move on to the other big thing going on in this story. Baron Zemo..yeah he is back in the form of the original Baron’s son. His father is the one responsible for icing Steve and supposedly killing Bucky back in the early 50’s. Well he finds out through several different sources that this new Cap is Bucky and wants to finish what his father started.He isn’t playing around either. He is to me the bad guy equivalent to Bucky and he is set to make a BIG comeback in the Marvel U.He makes it clear that he is pissed that Osborne and crew blew a great chance for all the villains in the Marvel U…and it looks like he is set to fix that as well! The biggest shocker at the end of the issue is the return of Sin…who looks to carry on her fathers work as her face is like a Red Skull now. So now Bucky’s villains are doubling down on him and who knows how he will come out the other side.

FINAL VERDICT: Buy this book!!! This is why I love Brubaker and his run on Captain America. I can’t say enough how great this book is!He weaves story lines and doesn’t leave table scraps unused!! He follows through and everything is there for a reason!All of this makes for smart writing and a great read.

Sheldon Lee