Cosplay Girl of the Month: June 2010

Published on June 7th, 2010

One of the features we do here at Comic Impact is the Cosplay Girl of the Month (NO anime, manga, or role-playing games… just comics). That’s right, beautiful ladies dressing up as your favorite super-hero characters. This month we’re privileged to be showing you Alice Malice.

1-What is your name? Alice Malice

alicemalicecosplaycomicimpa2-How old are you? I am 23. And this is the age I want to stay, don’t need to grow any older. this is good.

3-Do you read comics and if so, what are your favorite titles? It would be hard to imagine my life without comics!  I am mostly an X-men fan, so I love reading all of those series my fave currently is X-force. Spider-man, Deadpool (but not every one of his comic series, ugh), Dark Wolverine and the Siege storyline.  On the DC side its mostly batman for me.

4-What is your favorite comic book character? That’s tough, I have a handfull in no particular order. Poison Ivy, Black Cat, Deadpool, Wolverine, X-23, Rogue, Jubilee, Gambit, Emma Frost, and Cyclops.

5-Who are your favorite artists or writers? Craig Kyle, Christtopher Yost, Clayton Crain, Scott Blair, Joss Whedon, John Cassaday

6-What got you into cosplay? Honestly, I saw other people doing it and it looked like so much fun.  And that is the only thing I can say I’ve done for that reason.  I’ve been hooked ever since.

7-If you do more then one character which one is your favorite, and if you do only one do you have some ideas for more costumes? Right now really my Poison Ivy and my Black Cat are my faves.  Poison Ivy I have like…..5 different costumes I think (and redoing the origional).  Pammy is a character so different then what I’m like in real life, so I love just becoming this different character.  And lord knows I love flirting with Harley Quinn and Batman cosplayers. teehee.

8-How long does it take for you to make a costume? It really depends on the costume.  For the one I’ve spent the most on is an unfinished one, spider-woman.

9-Have you met any of the artists or writers where your costume is based on their work? Very sadly no. But when I do…the fangirlness shall be epic.

10-Do you buy any toys, busts and etc. based on some of your favorite costumes? Yes! Often enough I wont be able to find a toy or bust (or be able to afford it) but I’ll almost always buy a print of my character from an artist.  Gotta support those guys.

12-What is the funniest thing that has happened to you at a convention? There are some ridiculous things I’ve done at DragonCon that you might’ve read in Hustler……..but…..I’ll just leave it at that. lol

13-Do kids come up to you and think you are the real life character? Sadly…no! Now that I think about it they tend to know male characters more, well I guess that just means that female characters could use a bit more of mainstream notice.

alicemalicecosplayci2 alicemalicecosplayci3

14-What do you like to do when you’re not costuming, such as other hobbies? In my day job I’m a graphic designer, night job I’m a fetish/alt model.  I also dig comic books (obviously), video games, and roleplaying games.

15-Do you have a website or a MySpace? So people can contact you?

with my own website soon…hopefully!

alicemalicecosplayci4 alicemalicecosplayci5

Would you like to be featured as the Cosplay Girl of the Month (Remember! NO anime, manga, role-playing games – just comics)? Then drop us a line! We would love to hear from you! We will also be posting a new Cosplay Girl on the 5th of every month.Sorry this month  Cosplay was a few days late

Simon Daoudi