Comics Will Be Delayed This week

Published on June 1st, 2010

Before you put on your Flash costume and run to the comic store to collect your new books for this week, we just wanted to tell you that new comics don’t come out until Thursday. This is due to the Memorial Day here in the States.

So what could you do with that extra day before reading your favourite comics?


Well how about subscribing for free to the Comic Impact podcast? If you don’t know a lot about the podcasts we do here at Comic Impact, then let me explain. Once a week, the Comic Impact team geek out and discuss the weeks assortment of the best comic books! They talk about any titles that made an impact on them, be it for a whole variety reasons from issues that sparked controversy, to aweome new releases or storylines. Of course, aside from all this, each week it is up to a different member of the team to pick their favourite comic of the week; The Pick of The Week. We also try to give you a monthly podcast, with some special guests, and whenever there is a new film based on a comic book, you can rest assured there will be a special podcast just for that film! The best part? All these podcasts are FREE.

On your day off before Thursday this week, you could also perhaps purchase a Comic Impact T-shirt (now in different colors). Mens ComicImpact T-shirts are available in Cardinal, Navy, Military ,Red, Royal, Brown, Charcoal and Kelly Green. Women’s ComicImpact T-shirts are now available in Red, Caribbean Blue and Violet colors. Or you could take some time out to relax, and read some of our articles. Why not join our Facebook page as well?

Simon Daoudi