Review: Thunderbolts #144

Published on May 28th, 2010

At the rate I’m going with giving new Marvel Comics a chance I will be reading most if not all of the books they put out! That is the first thing I thought as I finished reading Thunderbolts #144.Let me start off by saying that I did not read any other version of the Thunderbolts before this.


I know the general idea of this team though is to take high end super criminals and form a team to try and reform them which will either take time off their sentence or at the very least allow them to get out and kick some ass while under custody.This team ,this book while having an unusual premise is by far the reason you have super hero books! Allowing people no mater how flawed to rise to the occasion to either prove themselves or fall flat on their faces and prove that they are the bad person they are made out to be.

Jeff Parker’s dialogue in this book sets the tone immediately. It let’s you see the characters for who they are and sets up what looks like an amazing story arch.Kev Walkers art adds to the extreme of the situation giving it a sort of  bigger then life feel to the super powered team.The team ,well it is an interesting one to be sure! First off you have Luke Cage, a former inmate himself, leading Juggernaut,Crossbones,Moonstone,Manthing,and Ghost, with Fixer,Mach V, and Songbird playing back up roles on the newly fixed Thunderbolts Tower on Ryker’s Island.Other then say the Secret Avengers you won’t be able to find a more varied mix of people who you wouldn’t normally put on a team. Again this book seems to already have so many twist and turns to it that Jeff Parker has placed in it that I was not expecting the last page..not by a long shot!

Final Verdict: BUY THIS BOOK!!!You won’t regret it! I can’t say a single bad thing about it.No wait that is not true. I wish this book was longer…that’s it!The pacing in this book is dead on and the art work is dynamic!

Sheldon Lee