Review: The Flash #2

Published on May 22nd, 2010

I wouldlike to follow up on Sheldon’s review of The Flash #1, with a review of what I thought about the second issue in this new series. My thoughts on the first issue are pretty much identical to those of Sheldons, and I think it’s safe to say that we both thought it was a beautiful work of art. Therefore I was expecting the second issue to be just as good, and I had put my faith quite comfortably in the hands of Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul to continue working their magic.

So with relatively high expectations, I was surely surprised to see that the tone which had made the first issue so great, had completely vanished in this second issue. The magic seems to have been lost! What a turn-around. Having got to the end of this second issue, I felt rather let down.


When we saw the future Rogues (The Renegades) come to arrest Barry at the end of the first issue, I thought they would stick around for at least more than the 4 or 5 pages they had here. In an ideal world, the perfect run of events for me would have been if they had arrested Barry and taken him into the future with them. But I guess for many people that may have been jumping in off the deep end before you’ve learnt to swim properly. I thought it was a bit of a waste when they vanished back to their own timeline all of a sudden. Nothing really went down, and the fight scene (if that’s what you could call it) was rather flimsy. Francis Manapul’s artwork is still a wonder to look at on every page. I have no beefs with him at all, and doubt I ever will, he is forever one of my favourite comic book artists.

There is a scene where the Flash quite literally re-builds an entire apartment block, which was destroyed by The Renegades when they leaped into their own future. This was ridiculous, even for The Flash’s standards. Maybe it was because I’d never seen him (or any of the other Flashs) do anything on that scale so quickly, even for the Flash. Or maybe it was because it tried to come off as sweet, and was to show us how loving and caring the Flash is, but I really thought it was rushed, and quite over the top. But hey.

I am really, really enjoying seeing the parts of the comic that revolve around Captain Boomerang and the current Rogues. I want to see more of them, much much more, and I really hope they come into play with a bigger role soon.

The issue ends with Barry being confirmed infront of all his work colleagues as having traces of blood on the body of the future Mirror Master, so I suppose that Barry is going to have to run like hell at the start of next issue, before all his cop buddies arrest him. I hope that he hands himself over, as that might make for a decent story than just having The Flash go on the run. An issue set in the future would be awesome, with the future Renegades!

I felt this issue was just slightly boring, and the lack of focus on a strong plot is not doing it any favours in my opinion. The villains who appeared at the end of the last issue vanished within minutes of showing up, and the focus here was basically just the Flash being idle and rebuilding destoryed houses. I know that’s what he does, but he’d better not do it every issue. Plus, I’m still failing to see the Brightest Day inputs, which give it the right to wear the banner on the front cover. But seen as though I’m pretty fed up with seeing different coloured rings in my comic books, I don’t mind at all.

I want my Flash to be more exciting. Come on Geoff Johns, lets just go somewhere with this. I will of course stick with the series, but perhaps if it was focused around my favourite Flash; Wally West, then it would be better. I’m kidding, but hopefully John’s will pull something out of his magical hat and amaze us like I know he can!

Rob Andrews