Preview: The Return of Bruce Wayne #1

Published on May 6th, 2010

Aside from a preview of ‘Avengers: Academy’ being released today by Marvel, we’ve also got a special preview from the guys over at DC Comics for once. It’s a big comic, one that will divide Bat-fans. It’s Grant Morrison and Chris Sprouse’s ‘The Return of Bruce Wayne #1’.

This first issue of the long awaited 6 issue limited series appears to see Bruce back in caveman times, as he aims to make his way forward in time to the present day (or something insane, and dare I say ‘awesome’, like that, because this is Grant Morrison).

I’ll let the preview images speak for themselves, as they arn’t too revealing to be quite honest. All I can really comment on them is that in general the artwork seems pretty slick, and secondly that Bruce doesn’t seem phased at all to the fact that he has gone back in time thousands upon thousands of years. I guess he’s just the god-damn Batman.






It has been hinted though, possibly by Morrison himself, that the final issue of the current story-arc in ‘Batman & Robin’, will have a shocking ending that leads straight into this first issue of Bruce going back in time!

Rob Andrews