Preview: Avengers Academy #1

Published on May 6th, 2010

The third and final new Avengers comic have just been previewed by Marvel. ‘Avengers Academy’ follows suit along with its brothers in arms; ‘Avengers‘, and ‘Secret Avengers’ to see the way into a new Heroic Age for mainstream Marvel continuity.

‘Avengers Academy’ is pretty much a revamp of ‘Avengers: Initiative’, re-thought for this new era of continuity. It introduces a few new characters (such as internet sensation, Fortress), whilst sticking with some of the characters we’ve seen crop up before in Avengers: Initiative, such as Justice and Reptil. This comic is described as saying that The Avengers are looking to train a next generation of superheroes, and this is the theme this book will follow.

I am quite excited for this new series, which I imagine will be similar to the Initiative program. I hope it will encourage people to jump back onto this style of comic, as from my view, I saw Avengers: Initiative slowly loose readers the longer it went on. I read it during Secret Invasion and for a while after, and I quite enjoyed it.

Anyway, here is the preview for ‘Avengers: Academy’. Written by Christos Gage, and drawn by Mike McKone. Apparantly, the last page shocker will blow readers away!







Rob Andrews