POW April 28th 2010:The Invincible Iron Man #25

Published on May 7th, 2010

This week’s Pick of the Week podcast is a couple of days overdue, and we do apologise for that. We ran into some technical errors yesterday which delayed our recording process. But now, we are finally here and we’re delivering you the latest edition of the show where we bash some comics around… verbally of course.

Join Rob and Simon, as they talk about what comics were good this week. Rob has the Pick as Simon had it last week. Sheldon and Dana are absent this week, but they will be back on top form very soon. Sheldon and Simon can be heard together on the upcoming Iron Man 2 movie podcast I’ll add!

This week Rob and Simon discuss a very sad X-Men issue, a story that touched the hearts of millions. Are we getting a Green Lantern overload? They have a talk about a certain Punisher artist who should draw some comic adaptations of old school horror movies, and they also explore the minds of some of Batman’s villains!

Rob’s pick of the week is ‘Invincible Iron Man #25’ by Matt Fraction and Salvador Laroca. Also discussed in this podcasts are Green Lanter Corps #47, Ultimate Avengers 2 #1, Punisher #16, Detective Comics #864, Marvel Zombies 5 #2 and X-Force #27.

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Rob Andrews


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