Says Goodbye to LOST

Published on May 23rd, 2010

lost11Next week on LOST…..words we will never hear again. The show that has captivated fans ends Sunday and what a ride it has been Brotha!Most of us here at Comic Impact have been following the show since day one and if you have to ask YES this is some what comic related….stick with me. In more then a few episodes Hurley is reading comics and discussed comic culture as well as it flat out shows him reading Brian K. Vaughan’s Y The Last Man in an episode written by Vaughan himself!There is part one of your comic connection!

The next part is the fan’s over whelming out pouring from all parts of the industry from J. Scott Campbell to George Lucas, fan’s have been congratulating the production team on LOST as well as showing some love by dedicating art work inspired by the series. Below are some AWESOME character pieces that J. Scott Campbell has done based on the main characters in the TV series.I hope you enjoy them! Oh and come next season when you are trying to find a replacement show for LOST to fill your void of discussing theories on what the island is and what that glowy thing in the center of it is I would like to HIGHLY recommend FRINGE!! Just my two cent’s as it is done by the same creative team as LOST and in many ways is coming into it’s own….who knows maybe in a few years we will have art work from that show to write about.

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Sheldon Lee