Sneak Peek: Marvel August Solicitations

Published on May 18th, 2010

Marvel Comics recently released their solicitations for the month of August online, and as always, this gave fans the opportunity to see what the near future holds in store for their favoured titles.


A few things caught my eye. The Amazing Spider-Man issues for August (#640 &#641) are priced at $3.99 each, which I hope is not a perminant pricing decision as I was hoping to start reading that series again within the next few weeks. Also, there seems to be a Deadpool #1000, which even by Deadpool standards is getting ridiculous. It is also apparant that Marvel have decided to spam the living hell out of their new ‘Shadowland’ crossover, with about 8 tie ins for that event being released that month. S.H.I.E.L.D seems to have gone down in price to $2.99 again, and Matt Fraction’s ‘Casanova‘ series (a comic we cherrish highly on Comic Impact) gets it second issue reprinted under the watchful eyes of ICON publishings.


But I myself was especially caught off guard, by a surprising cover for Secret Avengers #4. It’s beautiful and looks great, but it is what it depicts that is striking. Steve Rogers, putting Nova’s helmet. I know that the number one rule when regarding a cover to a comic book is that the cover never has anything to do with the interior content, but I still can’t help but ask… is Steve Rogers taking the role of Nova Prime from Richie? Did Richie die? Answering the later question should be a straight forward “No”, because Richie will be involved in The Thanos Imperative. Unless he dies in that series? Hmm. Still, it is an interesting cover!

Also previewed in August’s solicitations is Avengers #4, which funnely enough, has a very similar cover to that cover of Secret Avengers #4. On it’s cover we see what I can only assume is a very old Tony Stark taking off his Iron Man helmet. A running theme through the Avengers covers for August? Probably not, I predict it’s just a coincidence.

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Roll on August I say! For what should be another month of promising comics! What are you looking forward too?

Rob Andrews