Figure Friday: Iron Man Mark V Suitcase

Published on May 7th, 2010

Package Description

The one drawback to the IRON MAN armor is that it isn’t very portable, so its only available when Tony Stark is home. That’s why he invented the Suitcase Armor. Though not as powerful as other suits, its light and compact enough to take almost anywhere, concealed in a simple suitcase.


When you first see this Iron Man figure you’re going to think that Tony has been on a diet of some kind, since he looks like he’s lost some weight compared to the rest of the Iron Man 2 figures. That is because it has the “portable armor”, which is not a big as the other ones. The silver lines on this figure have great texture and it feels like a snake. I know it sounds nuts but it does because Hasbro did a great job on it and made it feel different from the red part of this armor to the silver texture. I love how the hand is sculpted to look as if he’s firing off a repulsor blast. The most obvious new design here is the stark departure from the traditional red and gold color scheme. Silver and red, I am 98.9% sure this suit is the Silver Centurion. Which in the comics, was Mark XII. This is very impressive figure to look at.


The articulation is fairly standard for the Iron Man 2 line. The head is on a ball joint, but it can’t look up and down very far. The ball joint in the torso doesn’t move from side to side, but it does twist and go forwards and backwards very well. The elbows are single pins which bend about ninety degrees, whilst the wrists only twist. The hips bend about ninety degrees while the knees are double pinned and get their full range of motion. The ankles are pins, but don’t move up beyond level range.

You can do some great dynamic poses with this, but just like with the Marvel Universe line, it fees like it’s going to break. I just wish that they would take the time to make this figure a bit more bad ass. After all it is the Silver Centurion Armor.

The other main issue I have with this figure is the suitcase, sure it is cool idea but does it actually work? NO is the answer. “Why not?” you may ask yourself, well it is too BIG, that’s why. It is like if I was going to hold a 46 inch macbook in my hand walking the streets of Los Angeles. Sure it comes with a few cannons, but this is not realistic at all.


Final Judgment 6/10

Well it is not the best Iron Man figure out there, but is not bad. It’s a very cool design and as someone who has a background in design, that gets points in my book. But do you need to go out and buy this figure right now? No. I would tell anyone who enjoys figures or good old shell-head, to go and get at least one figure in this series. Oh well, now you’re done reading this review, you should go out and watch Iron Man 2 one more time, or go watch it for the first time if you havn’t already!

Simon Daoudi