Figure Friday: Iron Man 2: Comic Series Crimson Dynamo

Published on May 21st, 2010

Package Description
Created by Russian scientist Anton Vanko to perform miracles of electrical control, the CRIMSON DYNAMO was every bit as powerful as IRON MAN. Manipulated by his Soviet masters, Vanko very nearly defeated the American hero before he realized his mistake and committed himself to the cause of freedom.

The sculpt makes me think of an old Soviet Union type armor but that works as we are talking about Crimson Dynamo here. This is NOT part of the Iron Man 2 film line this part of the Comic series. It may have a Iron Man 2 logo on the package but it is a Comic Book based action figure not part of the film figures! Are you lost yet because I know I am.

The Crimson Dynamo  armor is a lot taller than the Iron Man or War Machine in the same line . I love the new red the toy designer uses on him, it makes it  feel like an old school Soviet Union armor .The head is one of my favorite  parts of this figure since it works with his shoulders and torso GREAT design job. His mask does make him look like a bad ass. .

I would love for them to take notes on how they made  this figure for a comic book based Iron Monger. They can even use the blue from Bucky Cap since that would be the right color blue to use but I digress…

Now we know I can be an ass when it comes to articulation with figures but this figure has some great articulation. It does something that I wish more figures could do such as he can get into various kneeling positions without any problems. Besides great flexibility they’ve also gone out of the way to give the ball joints the same care which makes for a happy Simon when he is playing/reviewing this figure for you the Comic Impact readers.
Are there any  problems with this figure when it comes to the  articulation? Yes but they are forgivable because his head can only do a swivel because of the design of the helmet and that is fine by me.


Final Judgment 10/10
I feel like a dirty slut giving a 10 out 10 again but this is the best of the Iron Man 2 figures that are out right now and it something I want  to kept out on my shelve  of figures that I enjoy. Oh and for all you Iron Man fans out there yes this is the same Anton Vanko who is Mickey Rourke(Whiplash) father in Iron Man 2. If you have not seen Iron Man 2 then go this weekend  and then order your self a Crimson Dynamo because you will thank me for it later!!!

Simon Daoudi